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    Tonight, the lead in to a program called “Drugs Inc.” on Nat Geo was a woman who suffers with FM, has had cervical cancer, and uses cannabis to reduce her FM pain. The program was covering Marijuana tonight.

    She talked about how her pain was like being beaten with a baseball bat in areas on her back and shoulders. Without weed, she said, she could not function or work.

    An MD in Ohio suggested that she give marijuana a try as she had used “legal” pain killers for so long that she had damaged her kidneys and other organs. She described herself as “Reganesk” and felt we should all “just say no” to street drugs. Nevertheless, she gave cannabis a try and it worked for her.

    Marijuana, for medicinal use, is illegal in Ohio. She eventually moved to California as the substance can be used legally for medical issues.
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    Marijuana has been used as a folk remedy in Jamaica for years. They soak it in alcohol with a few other things for a period of time and then take a spoonful of the alcohol for pain. My husband remembers having an extremely painful stomach ache as a child and that cleared it up quickly and completely.

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