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    Does anyone feel like their muscles are on fire especially around period time? I have horrible PMS along with my FM, as I would think many of us do. I do not know what the connection is is increased pain and this whole body burning problem especially the first and second day of my period.

    Yesterday was the worst, when I came home from work I had to take out my huge old fashion ice bag and I put about 20 ice cubes in it. I would rub this bag gently over my legs, arms, hips, upper neck because the burning was so bad. This is nothing new, I get burning pains often with my FM, and have found out from others it can be quite common.

    I have also read that it could be yeast related as well. I have suspected a yeast problem with me for a long time and usually before my period, I do increase the sugar consumption because I CRAVE sugar so much. Today I am a little better, but my pain in still increased and will be until my period is over, then I just go back to my normal pains of FM anyway.

    Again, I wonder what could be the possible connection between FM, PMS and this burning, aside from yeast problems, any thoughts? Hugs, Chelz.

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