Fm Poem Written by a fellow FMer Please read

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    One Day

    Too Many

    By Jane Bauhs

    I am

    one day

    a blessing

    then one day

    I am a drain

    Two days

    a joy to know me

    then two days with me

    a strain

    Three days

    you'll see me happy,

    then three days i'll

    be in pain

    Four days

    of peaceful being,

    bring four more of

    useless blame

    Five days

    with me are blissful,

    or filled with guilt

    and shame

    Six days

    you'll see me active,

    while six days could

    make me lame

    Seven days

    you'll find me restful,

    filled with a hope and

    faithfilled fame

    Eight days

    you'll think you know me,

    but its all been just

    a game

    Nine days

    of me and then

    you'll see we all

    are just the same

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    Very nice. Wonder why she stopped at nine?

    thanks for sharing
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    I don't know why she stopped at nine. I guess that was enough.

    I can surely relate.
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    we don't know what to expect in day to day very discriptive.