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    Hi How are you today?...I went to Dr. today and then worked this afternoon thought id get on line for a few bef
    ore i get dinner(which is something easy these days)..well the dr. was nice and gave me genric paxil,altrum,flexeril,and he gave me librium for anxiety and to sleep ...His making me an appointment at pain clinic in Bucyrus, I can get there in 25 min...He said they can prescribe me what i need he said he doesnt give narcs at all he found the tender areas or what ever they are called...I told him I never have taken any pills ever till 5yrs ago I had to because i ended up in a clinical depression after my mom died and that was paxil and I,ve only taken pain meds the past few months because the pain is so severe..I tell you what..I've only been dx'd for a month and they make you feel like you are a druggie..I told him i dont like the way they make me feel but they kill the pain...Then he said something that made me angry..He said fibro is a pscycosamatic illness I said no way this pain is real he said somatic means pain Duh...I started to say something else but he got a phone we didnt finish that conversation..thanks ttyl take care Deb
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    Looks like you have a jerk doctor!! A least he is sending you somewhere that you can get treatment for your pain. Never believe it is all in your head!! You have my sympathy. I do not have FM my husband does. My sister is being tested to rule out other things but looks like she may have it also. She is also being treated like a druggie by doctors and family members (not me.)The best thing that you can do is educate yourself here on the message board.