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    Hi again-

    I posted the below topic and wanted to add one thing: Are there any really good books or magazines worth subscribing to on FM? I've seen some books, but they really were not worth the $$ spent on them. Any ideas?


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    I am new here - looking for a place where others have experience and understand FM. I don't want to hurl my problems/questions at family and friends - this is an obviously misunderstood and virtually unheard of disorder in many circles.

    Probably, like most of you, I have been in pain for as long as I can remember. I sought medical help after I left my abusive husband in 2000. Been to Chiropractors, Orthopediacs, Internists, Neurologists, and finally two months ago a well respected Rheumatologist. He finally diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. I also have IBS, TMJ, had 1/2 my thyroid out last year (underactive/hashimoto's disease), massive migraines, bad sleeping problems, tired all the time, etc. Been tested for everything known to mankind. Basically, I'm a mess.

    I am also an over achiever, 45 year old BA student at night (last two classes - algebra - yuck!), full time worker, mom, and remarried. I am in and out of court with my ex-abusive husband because he is not happy unless he is making my life a misery.

    Right now the Rheumatologist has me on cyclobenzaprine (not sure of the spelling but take it at night and is helping with the sleep a bit) and ultracet (pretty worthless on pain). I take firocet for the migraines - been on a million other things - it is the only thing that takes any of the pain away. My pain throughout the body has gotten worse over the past 5 years. I was once athletic, able to go on two hours sleep and juggle school/work/kids/dating/pushing legislation through for victims of DV/dealing with the ex/driving back and forth to my real house 4 hours away every other weekend in NYS/Working in NJ (yuck)/and writing in my spare time - now I still try to do it all (except dating - I re-married a great guy!), but it is killing me. I can't STAND the idea that anything slowing me down - but FM is like kryptonite to me.

    Any suggestions? How do you deal with life as an FM-er? What meds work for you? ARGHHHH - Feel like crap today.


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    I don't know of anything to subscribe to. I know that finding good reliable information can be a daunting task. I've read so much over the past year and much of it was conflicting information. What I've done is try to pull the commonalities from each. I figure if they're all saying ONE thing that's the same, maybe there is some legitimacy in it.

    A few people here have recommended some good books. Unfortunately I can't remember what they are. LOL. My sister gave me Fibromyalgia for Dummies. It is a very easy and I thought good book to read. It was also good for my husband as well.

    What I would warn against (from personal experience)is when 'googling' and then finding articles, be careful that they aren't some sort of advertisement - for a specific treatment, supplement, pill, clinic etc. I've found that obviously there is a spin put on the article sometimes. May seem obvious, but for those of us so hungry for information, we sometimes forget the really check the source. NOT that they might not have great info - I'm certainly not saying that!

    Recently I read a post pvlady wrote that quoted something written by a Dr. - I 'think' it was Dr. Robert Bennett? Anyway I thought his site had some good information on it.

    In your searches, if you find anything, please share!!
    Have a great day!

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