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    I'm pretty new to all of this & was just curious if anyone knows what has been done as far research on a cure for FM. We have too much P substance in our spinal fluid, so how hard could it be to find a way to block or slow down the manufacture of this substance by our bodies? Maybe the fact of the matter is that no one is even looking for a cure? I don't know - just asking.

    Where would one go to find out what is being done?

  2. JP

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    you might try a google search for research. I know there are government funds available for researchers. I have shopped around the National Institute of Health (NIH) website. I would be happy to show you the ropes if you are not research savvy...

    Take care,
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    I don't have any answers for you. Sure wish I did. Would a person go to the AMA to see about research? Just wanted to let you know you are NOT alone. If you do find any answers please share them, OK?
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    to both of you. Jan, I would be interested in looking into this further & know nothing about it. If you have anything to share, go to my profile for email. I just CANNOT accept the fact that this is what the rest of my life will be like - it just is unacceptable. Maybe I won't be able to make a difference - but then I remember Rosa Parks. At least I will know that I tried.

    Maybe this wouldn't be on my mind so much except for the fact that I was doing well until last night. That big old mack truck ran over me again & I ache on every inch of my body & am fighting mad & pissed off!!(pardon my french).

    Well, now I've vented yet again, thanks for listening & Jan I would appreciate any help you can give me any tips on how to research the matter.

    Good health.........Kathi
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    NJ CFS/FM Center conducts research and is looking for volunteers

    For a more complete list of research and clinical trials offered at The Cleveland Clinic, please call Dan Beyer, Institutional Review Board at 216/444-2924

    The Univ. of Mich. does lots of research and has a clinic

    Go to Clinicaltrials dot gov on the web. (We aren't allowed to put url addresses on immune support site, but I am sure you can find this by the above information)

    Go to Fibromyalgia Resource Center on web for information on research and trials.

    The library on this site is full of research and abstracts.

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    This site produces a newsletter every quarter. There was an article about this very subject in the one I just received. They are experimenting with a medication which is suposed to reduce Substance P.

    The newsletters have some articles on the cutting-edge research and treatment going on out there.

    Love, Mikie
  7. kar1953

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    Thanks so much for the info. I'll check into both.

    Good health.........Kathi