FM & school age, and Botox shots for pain....

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    Found some interesting (I think) info this morning.
    First kids (mainly teens with FM). You will probably need a letter from your doctor stating you
    have it.
    Fibromyalgia Magazine says;
    Ask about access to elevators in multi level schools
    Ask for extra time between classes
    Ask for extra locker so books are near classes.
    Extra set of books for home
    Ask for class notes from teachers if alot of note
    taking required
    Ask to access a computer for long written assignments
    See about home tutoring if absent a lot
    Have a note on file to excuse morning tardies for
    the whole year in case of bad mornings
    Have regular meetings with counselor for any problems
    Summer school;
    Visit counselor weeks ahead for planning classes
    Schedule study hall for worst times of day, morning or afternoon.
    Find out which teachers may be more supportive
    Think about how far classrooms are from each other
    Find out how far lockers are from classes
    If P.E. is required ask about "adapted" classes.
    Hope this helps some of you in school or parents.
    In January 2003 a Florida woman died of cardiac
    arrest while receiving Botox for trigger point pain. Before trying it;
    Understanding of procedure precautions before you
    Usually Lidocaine or Procaine is used instead, or
    a steroid. Some researchers say these shots help
    and some say they are ineffective.
    Tender point injections are for temporary relief.
    They may need redoing if sleep is disrupted by
    pain in spite of shots. They are not practical for
    long term use.
    Botox paralizes the surrounding area for weeks or
    months. Some researchers have found Botox has no significant long term benefit.
    TP1 therapy is only partially effective. Pain returns at high pain level. TP1 side effects can cause redness at sight of injection, skin changes
    and some have breathing disturbances up including
    Manual pressure found more effective in 50% of all
    FM patients in a study. Licensed physical therapists or licensed massage therapists can perform this method.
    A fairly new Ultra Sound method of TP1 is being
    tested and is showing similar effectiveness of the
    above methods.
    Bottom Line; for many, risks associated with Trigger Point injections may not be worth the risk
    they pose. And for the Florida woman, not worth
    dying for.
    Back Pain and Common Muscoskeletal Problems by
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    Painful muscular Condion Responds to non invasive
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    The Diagnosis and Treatment of FM~ Michael Wolk MD
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    Adams online AND
    Anesthetic or Cortiosteroid injections for Low Back
    Pain online.
    I hope this helps some considering the shots. I will look for more "supportive" articles of it, but
    these were what I found on About dot com and other places. Hugs, Bambi