FM Seminar in Mid-Missouri

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    This is my 3rd attempt to do this. My computer is acting (edited)!

    The siminar was produced by 2 chiro's who practice together. The FM sem. was part of a "health week" conducted by the two to advertise their business and inform people of what they, as chiro's, could do to improve and treat various health problems. They had a couple of handouts, one of which was from Devin Starlanyl's Fm Advocate book. (That got my attention) One of them had a copy and read some passages from the article about the MRI of brain responses to stimuli in a group of FM's and a group of normals. The article that is touted as the first real proof that it isn't all in our heads. They both acted like they were trying to be aware of new ideas "coming down the pipeline". I really felt like they had been reading this site! They also mentioned:
    1.removing toxins from the body
    2. getting rid of refined sugars
    3. taking care of the intestinal tract as it controls many of immune its ability to rid the body of toxins
    4. leaky gut
    5. helping energy with vit. b's. He also said it is not good to break up the B vitamins???
    6. doing a liver detox.
    7. using probiotics
    8. how bad nsaids are for the body
    9. how AD's are now being found to have some not so good they may cause muscle stiffnes and achy joints and something's been talked about here, like the "firing or constant firing of the neurons"???
    Their theory...I think is a general chiro theory.."give the body what it needs and protect it from bad stuff...align the spine so that the CNS can work properly and the body can heal itself."

    They do work on trigger points, have exercise classes..I was impressed that they genuinely seemed interested and informed. I do think they will try to push people to use a lot of supplements that they sell. I'm going to try them out...Some of the supplements I've read about here. I'm not going to drop a fortune in them, but their work on trigger points sounds good. I'll just have to try it all out. They had a question & answer at the end. I said one of my biggest complaints is pain, "What do you do for pain?" His answer was the Trigger point therapy, adjustments and exercise and diet/nutrition. Maybe, by combining them and my PCP, I can get even better! I just am in no way ready to give up my pain meds.

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    I'm bumping my own message. Gosh, it was a good report on some dr.'s and it didn't get one reply. I just wanted to make sure it got read if there was anyone out there from missouri.