FM shortness if breath heart racing/skipping???

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    Hi - I am posting so many questions today and so glad I found you all - what a great group! Does anyone else have shortness of breath with FM and sometimes a racing or skipping heartbeat? The shortness of breath happens when I even slightly exert myself (i.e., walking up steps, doing laundry, kneeling then standing). I had lyme diease at one point adn they fibromyalgia was diagnosed about a year after I had gotten a staff infection. My immune system suffered a great deal. Anyone else have this? Is this normal for FM sufferers? Thank you! Kim
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    It might be a good time to go to the doctor again. I know it can be a pain in the neck, but I know in the beginning I was in his office once a week complaining. (Sqeaky wheel gets the grease). I would not fool around with those symptons, as if might be FM relater OR not.
    Take good care of yourself.

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    Hi Kim

    I have post viral fatigue syndrome and also suffer from shortness of breath especially going up stairs and I often get a fluttering in my chest. I have put it down to the illness, but it might be worth u getting it checked out just to be safe.

    All the best

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    Ask your doctor to check you for Mitral valve prolapse, it's a heart condition that can cause the symptoms that you mentioned. About 3% of the average population has it and I think over 70% of FM patients have it. You should definately get it checked out to rule out anything more serious.
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    thank you all for your quick replies and for just caring! I actually have been told I DO have mitral valve prolapse in the past. I was never told that it woudl make me have these symptoms. I am glad you brought that up. So I guess that is what I have to live with on top of everything else. I guess there is no medication that can help these symptoms??? Thank you for your advice! All the best. Kim
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    any suggestions on wether I should go to a cardiologist or just my primary care to have this looked at? I just thought this is what everyone else was suffering with when fatigued or upon exertion. Thanks again.
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    Hi Nanjee - Thank you for that link. Can I ask how you are treated for the MVP? Just wondering so when I go in, I have something to compare it to. I have seen a cardiologist in the past and my stress test was good. I have had several ER docs and others notice the MVP and was never told what I could do for it. When it was noticed I was not having as severe symptomes as I do now. Thank you again! Kim
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