fm study... head about it today on radio

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    I was listening to radio this morning and heard a commercial that stated that if you suffer from fibromyalgia, there is a new reasearch study group that is looking for volunteers between the ages of 18 - 72 for the study- all meds and treatments are free- dont need to have insurance to participate- I just found th web site it is mlnstudy. com
    i have it pulled up right now and am going to look it over--- post what you think about it if you look it over--- I hope that this is ok--- its not my website / or me seeling anything- it a reasearch site
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    I have been in the theros of the worse flare ever...first of my neck back / shoulders and arms down to elbows are so painful an d tender that nothing is helping... then.. I did go on to this web site mlnstudy. com to sign up for the research and yesterday ( sat) a younger woman called me for a phone interview. she asked me a few questions and then went over my meds-- after a few min. she put me on hold and came back and said that I did not qualitfy.. when I asked her why she said it was my LIDODERM patches! Lady, I said how could that exclude me?? those are topical patches-- she said no, they are not!!!! She said the meds are released into my system! Well, ok to a small degree! but the darn things are topical.... ok.... so now i am not only in fricking pain>>> I am mad too!!!!! so ok ..I'm better..... thanks for being here!,
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    My Dad told me of a web site for a study also and I did not qualify.

    They didn't even say why.

    It just stopped. I couldn't even go back on the site to see if I gave the wrong info.

    No sweat off my back though. I think they can stick thier study