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  1. nc_artist

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    For anyone who is in the Raleigh / Durham, NC area there is a Support Group meeting on July 12th at 7pm at Brigs Restaurant in Research Triangle Park.

    If anyone is interested just let me know and I will post the directions.

    This is a great group! We meet every month. It's a small group, we meet and chat and have a great time. It's not a group of whiners, but that doesn't mean you can't whine sometimes if you need to. And anyone who cares about someone who has Fibromyalgia and wants to learn more about it is always welcome.

  2. Kourysgranny

    Kourysgranny New Member

    meeting!! However, I live in the Greensboro area. I'd travel to Research Triangle occasionally if I had to. Do you know of one in my area????

  3. nc_artist

    nc_artist New Member

    I'm sorry I don't know of a group in Greensboro. If you'd like to be kept up to date about when my group is meeting and what we are up to I would be happy to send you information.
    You can find us through (edited to remove URL) I'm the organizer of the Fibromyalgia Support Group of Raleigh-Durham
    (I hope this doesn't go against any posting rules. I'm not selling anything)

    good luck
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