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    I had my gallbladder out in May '05. It took a few weeks to recover, and I felt great after. About a month later, I was so exhausted, in pain, I didn't know what was wrong. Dr. sent me to internist, and for 2 years, I went from test to test. Never could figure out what was wrong. Finially, i suggested to my Dr. maybe I had FM. He sent me to Rheum, and I was diag. properly. I think I had FM way before the gallbladder, but it made it come on full force.

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    Have you heard of Dr. Jacob Teitlebaum? He has a web site called endfatigue that you can visit for more info. He says surgery is often a trigger for FMS. Something about anesthesia can trigger it...I can't remember what, but I know I read about it recently in his free e-newsletter.

    I had my gallbladder removed last year and was fine at first, but then developed post gallabladder syndrome 5 months after the surgery. My pancreas is 90% destroyed and I'll never be able to digest fats normally again, and must take prescrition enzymes to eat anything at all. That 40% of people have problems even after it's removed is the dirty little secret about gallbladder surgery, so if you are having digestive symptoms, please don't assume it's your FMS. See a GI doctor. There is a website called gallbladderattack where you can find more info on this.


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