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    I am just wondering if anyone has the same symptoms as I do and how they deal with it. It strated many years ago (1971)I was in a MVA. Then in 2001 I was in two MVA and then in 2003 I had another MVA. I feel that was the beginning of my FM. Then in Dec 2005 I was rear ended again. All these accidents were 100% the orther drivers fault. I have been on disability since the accident in 2003. Now I am having more swelling in my arms and legs and my doctor thinks it is a reaction to different foods that I have eaten. When I stop eating those foods the swelling stay there. They think that it might have to to with my IBS as I have been having this problem for severl months. I am going for a barium enema at the end of May and I hope that they will have some answers for me. I am looking for some answers.
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    i do hope they figure something out for you as well...

    i had one of those special enemas...after you get off the table they will have a nice bathroom ready for you...then you will see some in your poo for a will be ok...

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    Thanks for your support! Have you heard of any success stories regarding FM?

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