FMers: Do you get pain in joints as well as muscles?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kat-E, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. kat-E

    kat-E New Member

    I have FMS/CFIDS and I am wondering if those with just Fibro get pain in their joints as well as in their muscles?

    I read a post of someone describing FM to another and explained it as widespread muscle pain only and it kind of threw me because, for me, these things overlap so much it is hard to differentiate one from the other.

    Thanks in advance for any replies

  2. Shelbyeatenton

    Shelbyeatenton New Member

    When i went to my rheumatologist we thought my major pain was in my joints! but obviously turned out it was in the muscles, tendons and ligamets surrounding them. That took a lot for me to get in my mind. Most of the time it just feels like the whole lot of my body is hurting and so i understand what you mean. It is hard to tell the difference when everything smarts when its put in motion.

    Gentle Hugs,
  3. NightAngel

    NightAngel New Member

    I too have pain in my joints. It might be the ligament and tendon that the joint is wrapped in that are the actual culprits, but danged if it doesn't FEEL like it's IN the joints, too!

    I guess an x-ray would be the only way to tell? Then again, that'll only tell you if you have swelling at the present time or if there is degenerative damage from the arthitis.
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I've always had painful joints. When I filed for SSD, the doc took x-rays and diagnosed my wrists with osteoarthritis. Last year, my doc x-rayed my knees and I have OA in them as well.

    Dr. St. Amand (the Guai Guru) feels that if we have FMS long enough, we will develop OA. The good news is that the Guai does seem to help my OA, even though it's not supposed to.

    Love, Mikie
  5. pirtpain

    pirtpain New Member

    My bones hurt alot. At first I thought that it could be just muscular, but do have bone pain, especially in my hands & shin.

  6. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I think many of us also have arthitic necks. I was tolfd that to some degree everyone over 40 has some arthirtis somewhere, usually in the neck.

    My knees are arthritic. The arthritis pain has a sbtle difference. I do think that myofacial pain of Fm is felt as if it is in the bones-how many of us have thought "Do I have bone cancer?" I have for sure.

    Wouldn't you know as soon as the appt. comes up for neuro testing of Nerve conduction, that I waited two months for, the pain in my shins and hip went away. Bet you the day I cancel it comes back...Oh well...

    Love Anne
  7. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    esp. my hands, wrists and elbows.

    Fibro is certainly not limited to muscles only, not sure who put that big bit of misinformation out. It is considered by any decent medical text (and they always underestimate it anyway) to be a "soft tissue" form of rheumatism. So it hits the muscles, tendons, ligaments and some medical sources feel it hits the joints as well, but in a non-inflammatory way, and certainly not in the degenerative way that RA does.

    I do think FM is inflammatory though. I get bad inflammation in my back, shoulder muscles and tailbone, and of course my whole abdominal cavity from tubes, ovaries, and all of my gut at various times in various places. Don't know why they claim it's non-inflammatory,w hat the heck do they think happens during PMS, dismenorrhea, and IBS/IBD, which pretty much all of us have.

    Ok, I'm ranting, but but but....

  8. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I get both,..joint pain and muscle pain.
    although for me the muscle pain is way worse or way more bothersome. My joint pain only really acts up every few days. The muscle pain is always with me,..daily,everyday.

    My doc. did say a few yrs ago that X-rays show some mild arthritis ina few joints. namely my neck,knees,hip and fingers.
    hope this helps
  9. lin-z

    lin-z New Member

    Big time pain in joints and muscles..def. hard to determine which is which except my butt muscles always hurt and I do not believe there are any joints in my large derrier.

    I explain the pain as if the marrow in my bones was switched to concrete...yuk i know i have oa in my neck but my blood tests come back fairly nowrmal for inflamation.
  10. NightAngel

    NightAngel New Member

    lin-z said: "I explain the pain as if the marrow in my bones was switched to concrete"

    Boy that is exactly how mine feels, too! I get the most horrible knots in my upper arms, which I assume is myofacial, and sometimes it feels as though not only have my muscles turned to concrete, but the very bones themselves as well. I tell my husband I must've looked at Medusa and turned to stone.
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Have been hurting me since my 20's, so it's not all age related. Fifteen years ago, when the micoplasma infection triggered my illnesses full blown, my hips were x-rayed and the films showed no OA. I think FMS can cause bone pain as well as muscle pain. Or, it may just feel like the bones hurt because the soft tissue hurts so bad. Even though these illnesses are not medically considered inflammatory, I agree that there is inflammation with them.

    Love, Mikie
  12. marilynb

    marilynb New Member

    Yes, I also hurt in my joints/bones. Whatever, can not tell. It just hurts everywhere... I do have OA, pretty much everywhere I have had xrays, it has shown degeneration. So far I have had xrayed my:
    cervical spine (neck), middle back, lower back, elbows, hands, feet, left shoulder (because of a fall) Most recently, I have had an xray of my right hip because it has really been bothering my lately. I am waiting for the results from that. My Rheumy says it is probably Bursitus & said he could give me an injection. I had a series of injections in my neck before I was diagnosed with FM. They only helped temporarily & then I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis....I can't help but think it was because I had just had the injections.

    BTW, everyone here is great. I am getting a lot of info & see so many posts of things I can totally relate to.

  13. musikmaker

    musikmaker New Member

    I sure have always called it joint pain until I read about Fibro and soft tissue pain. I think it probaly is hard to differentiate. I have joint pain, muscle spasms and nerve pain that moves all over.

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