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    I saw you had trouble w/ the computer; losing a post you spent a long time on.

    I don't know too much about computers. Well, they didn't have them when I was born. Didn't have ball point pens either.

    Anyway, Carla nl does know a lot about computers. She said when you spend a long time on a post, the computer sort of forgets about you, and the post gets lost.

    If you know how to paste and cut you can avoid this problem. If you don't know, I can tell you here or maybe someone at your home can show you.

    Instead of typing your post here, type it as tho you were writing a letter. After you've written a few paragraphs move them to "draft". That way, even if it's a long letter, you will never lose more than a few paragraphs.

    When the post is all done, cut and paste it onto the message board.

    No more lost posts!

    Good luck.
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    Good idea plus if you type your post up in a word processor and then copy and paste you can use the spell check which seems to be something a lot of us can use these days.

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    That's where the tall corn grows!

    Where is winterset? I am more familar w/ the NE part of Iowa since I grew up in SE MN. Born in Decorah, tho.

    Yes, wish I had spell check for everything, but it only works on letters w/ my machine.