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    Family Medical Leave Act. Has anyone ever used the FMLA so your sick time from work due to the pain does not count against you. The dr. has to sign a form stating you are calling out for a serious health condition. This is pure HELL - I would sure say it is serious. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

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    Hi! Like the name ;)!

    I went this route.
    After 15 days,1 manager fired and replaced,I was some how *no longer needed*.

    I recieved word yesterday that My case has become stronger,as the same CO actually *released* a new Mother while on *leave*.

    I felt it was Great,until I was Fired,after 15 days of REAL bad Flare.

    Much Better Wishes To You.

    peace, ez
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    Just last week I had my doctor fill out the forms for me. I had to do it because where I work just started enforcing a policy that is so stupid it has to be illegal. If you have 3 incidents of unscheduled leave in 30 days, you get written up. Unscheduled leave is any leave that isn't turned in two weeks before the next month's schedule is posted. HUH? Basically, you have to schedule your sick leave and doctors appt.s six weeks in advance. I underwent a series of muscle injections once a week for three weeks, so I got written up. It didn't matter that I only missed a couple of hours each time or that I was working 12 hour days for a three week period to cover for someone else!
    I will still use my sick leave as needed, but it should keep me from getting written up.
    Good luck.
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    I am almost positive that there is a clause in the fmla that
    allows for an interrmitten (spelling?) leave that you can take your leave in days, weeks or hours. The fmla where I work allows for 12 weeks job protected time off due to illness. You should be given a copy of your companies policy on fmla. your doctor can certify that your illness requires an intermitten leave. Also each state has different laws reguarding fmla leave so make sure that you research your state because there is a big difference from state to state. One more thing you might want to look into is a reasonable accommadation thru the americans with diabilities act. If you have a qualifing disability you can request something to make your job easier such as if your job requires you to stand all day but it could be done sitting down you could request a chair/stool. I hope this helps soooo many people do not know what is available to them! good luck
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