FMQueen, Anyone, Back on Atkins, or SS Tips Please!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hollie9, Aug 13, 2003.

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    Started induction again today. Got some depressing news at the LowCarb group on Yahoo, they say if you do induction too often it stops working. They also said people with compromised immune systems like mine (CFS) shouldn't do induction, skipping to next phase instead.

    I need all the tips and tricks I can get, especially with easy to prepare meals and snacks.

    FMQueen, you said you ate peanut butter with celery, what kind of peanut butter?

    Is whipped cream really OK, any quantity limit?

    I do have the book, it just doesn't have all the snack shortcuts.

    Have heard good things about the Z-Bar and other Atkins products but not sure if I should be taking in even 20 carbs a day.

    Anyone know if you can lose weight by following the diet following induction (more carbs, slower weight loss?)

    Will a glass of wine once a week totally blow the diet for a long time?

    I used to lose tons on Atkins but since CFS and Doxepin it hasn't worked at all. Now I'm off the Doxepin. I get the impression SomerSizing is slow Atkins.

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    I tried just Atkins a few years ago, with success, but as soon as I went off of it I was SO starved for fruit and goodies, I gained everything back plus more. Plus, to do it right, you have to take a fist full of supplements and vitamens every day to make up for what you are not eating.

    I tried Sommers, but found I don't care for eating carbo items without fat. I can't stand wheat bread, especially without butter or jam..... and I missed having the Atkins bars on hand at work when I needed a snack. Also missed eating nuts at work. (I don't eat peanuts though, as they are really legumes, not nuts) The hardest part of both diets for me is packing my lunch for work.

    So, I sort of combine both. I lose about 5 pounds a month, but it's a diet I can live with. Having Fibro I don't exercise a lot. I do what I can.

    I don't worry to much about keeping fruit separate, cause it does not upset my stomach, and from what I understand in her books, that's the reason you keep fruit by it's self - to avoid indigestion, not to lose weight faster. If I have eaten dinner and I am craving something for dessert, I'll wait a little while then have some fruit.

    I eat nuts, and olives and Atkins bars from the Atkins diet, and eat all the legal veggies and fruits from Sommers. I think it's pretty balanced that way. Once a week or so, I eat a bowl of oatmeal, or have some Cheerieos (which are not exactly legal - but it is the lowest sugar most legal cereal I can stand to eat.)

    I also break over every couple weeks and eat carrots or sweet potatoes because orange veggies are so good for the eyes and for preventing cancer.

    I think the key is finding something that works for you that you can live with.
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    I'm on Atkins too, and can eat the natural peanut butter with no preservatives, chemicals or sugar. I buy the Parker Farm brand in the refrigerated section. I love it and when just "tasting" Jif with my finger the other day to check the difference, discovered it to be so phony and horrible tasting, and I used to LOVE it. Now I LOVE my natural peanut butter. I tried a couple brands to start out and found the Parker Farm pb was the tastiest. Ingredients are peanuts, salt and love...period.

    Marilyn :)
  4. AnnG

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    .....of Phase One of the Curves diet plan. I really enjoyed reading the book and am now doing the workbook. Their main idea seems to be an intense "phase one" to jumpstart weight loss, a basically low carb plan to follow until you plateau or reach goal and then you either start back at phase one for a week (if you've plateaued) or eat normally if you've reached goal. Once you have reached goal, you give yourself a 4 pound window. Whenever you go to 4 pounds above goal, you do phase one until the 4 pounds are gone. They say that eventually, after a few cycles of this, you will have to diet only about 2 days a month! Boy, do I look forward to that!

    They have created the plan to make sure your metabolism doesn't go into "starvation-mode" like it does with most diets. I'll keep you posted!
  5. healing

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    Hollie, the thing that worked best for me and my husband was emptying the house of all pasta, bread, everything that was high carb, even carrots. We were ruthless about this and it paid off. It all went into the trash.

    You can have whipped cream -- the real kind, sweetened with Splenda or something similar -- but be careful about having too much. Even whipped cream has carbs, and it is so full of fat that it can give you diarrhea.

    Sugar-free jello is a great snack, as are macadamia nuts (within reason).

    What will help you find snacks is to look at the carb counter in the back of the book. You'll need to give up your preconceived idea of what constitutes snackfood. Go for high protein -- like hard cheese with mustard, Slim Jims and other jerky sticks (check the carb count; some are loaded with sugar!), deviled eggs.

    I found if I ate a lot of fat with my meals, I really didn't need snacks.

    Hope it goes well.
  6. JBarbee

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    To any one interested in good low carb recipes, There is a Atkins Web site that has LOTS of good low carb recipes & information about the Atkins diet just type Atkins or low carb recipes in the search box and go to the Atkins WWW on line. I have printed out a lot of the recipes and made my self a low carb recipe book. I have been on Atkins sense the last of May and have lost 16 1/2 Lbs so far.
    Good Luck to all you guys that are on it. J Barbee
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    Day 3 on Atkins.

    Since I quit the Doxepin I am hoping to God that Atkins and ketosis kicks in. I'd like to lose this weight fast, about 20 lbs., but according to you'all and others - it also comes back on fast.

    I've tried the low carb semi-Atkins with no luck but I was on the Doxepin then.

    I'm happy to see you guys losing weight while taking in so many carbs in the way of fruits and veggies, still, I don't think I'll try that yet. Hard not to eat the good tomatoes and fruit this time of year though.

    No one answered my question about the any of you notice that an occasional glass really sets back your diet?

    Of course I can't exercise much. Every time I try I overdo then, after relapse, go into a "scared to exercise" period. I even pulled a muscle doing yoga.

    Any more suggestions appreciated, I hope I can reach a program that works.