FMS and Diet and Exercise

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  1. nicolefms

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    Hello everyone!
    Constantly searching for news. Do you have any experiences with FMS and special diets and exercises?
    Have read loads of books but that doesn't help.
    I feel too exhausted for exercises. And my diet is also not moving forward. All I have now is:
    milk, wholemeal bread, cheese, potatoes, rice, a few vegetables, water, a few fruits.
    It gets boring!
    Help, please!
  2. starstella

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    seems pretty heavy on carbs and low on high nutrient foods. Diet does make a difference. Check the search feature and see references to Suzanne Sommers diet, which seems to be referenced periodically by some members here. Also, you also have to do some kind of exercise, no matter how limited. Best is a combination of stretching and some type of aerobic exercise (which for some of us is a walk to the mailbox). Personally, I have found that I have to fight this DD to keep it from taking away any more of my life, and the diet and exercise plays a big part.
  3. Fibromiester

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    We all are learning, and I guess we never can stop! This is a great board, and I hope you find many friends and a lot of info!
    I would agree, you may need more protein,(are you a Veggie)Have you supplimented with Whey Protein? and I would go easy on the potatoes, maybe more vegetables-more variety? Different kinds of grains- This can be fun. A walk down the isles of a good health food store can reveal foods you never knew exsisted!
    Some folks here do Yoga, do 30 minutes of Careful Stretching, or walking. Anything is good. Some here can't do a thing. I want to do Something while my muscles still allow. You can check with a Hospital near you and ask if they have any exercise program going on...
    Glad to have you join us!
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    welcome you sorry you have this you will meet a lot of nice people here
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  5. fibolady

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    walk. even if you can walk just a short distance, start there.
    let your body rest a day and try walking just a little further the next day. last spring i started walking, just a few minutes and now i walk 30 to 45 minutes a few times a week, depending on the weather, which has been pretty bad. i can tell a big difference. plus, on a sunny day you get your vitamin D!

    also, the gel inserts for your walking shoes are great. they really help with the impact of walking.

    warm regards,
  6. klutzo

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    A high protein/low carb diet will help you a lot...exactly the opposite of how you are eating now.
    Some exercise is essential to feel any better. Walking is good, and swimming is a great start if you have access, as it protects your joints while you exercise.