FMS and Gastric Bypass Surgery

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  1. mnweb6

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    Hi, I have been discussing with my doctor the option of having Gastric Bypass Surgery in order to help with my FM. I have gained over 100 pounds in the last 9 years, and my doctor believes this may be the reason for my FM become so severe. Because I am not able to do much exercise, he is suggesting the GBS so that I would be able to lose weight quickly, and then hopefully my FMS would slow down or even reverse itself.

    I am meeting with a Surgeon on April 26th, and then I would be having the surgery within 6 weeks of that...

    Has anyone else struggled with weight gain causing an increase of FMS symptoms? How about having GBS?


  2. UnicornK

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    I had surgery in 2003 and have lost over 100 pounds. I had not been dx with FM at that time, but I was dx about a year ago. I think the pain would be even worse (if possible!) with the extra 100 pounds. I know at 325 pounds I was pretty pain, exhausted all the time, and had tons of co-morbidities. I'm better now, but still have a ways to go. Good luck with whatever you decide. Feel free to check out my site...http://www. cfm?pid=2...taking out the spaces, of course.
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    I checked out your site - wow!! What a difference. I always wondered a few about that surgery - Its eating less that makes you lose weight, right? The surgery makes you feel full quickly? So, can you follow the same diet & lose weight? Also, what about the theory that eating so little for your weight will screw up your metabolism? Thanks for the info. AMY
  4. JLH

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    WOW! What a difference! You look GREAT!

    Is it true that you can't eat anything with sugar now?

    Also, what about your excess skin after you lose all that weight? Does insurance pay for addl surgery?
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  5. 69mach1

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    concerning fibro pain or the chronic fatigue syndrome...i do think i will help with the orthomuschleskeletal system....

    i have had fms when i was a lean mean fighting machine....
    had the fatigue the pain all everyting involved...ihave gain some weight from ad's...yes i am not exercising like i should be but i had shingles last year...and i has caused more perirphal neoropathy pain...

    i have buldgin discs..degenaertive disds disease..list goes on and on...weight doesn not help these things..but i know children have fms and they are younger and more active usually than we older popluation...

    but hey i think the gastric bypass can be a very great thing for overweight people just do your own research and choose what is best for you...

    i have a friend who has cfs, and her dr told her she should get the gastric bypass...but she doesn't want to do it because of the risk...i just listen to her...i didn't tell her she needs to do...i feel for her cause she is a wonderful person inside and out...

    she says she thinks the weightloss would help her knees and her back problems..except for the degenerative disc disease and the cfs...

    but i do not want you to think weightloss will cure it for you ...may relieve some other ortho problems...

    and i am relatively i good shape and if you ask the p.t or ssa dr..they say i have excellent muscle tone...

    i hope the surgery is your answer but don't get false hope that if will go completely away because of the surgery...that is all i am saying...

    i wish the best for you and your future surgery and looking forward to great results for you...

  6. rachel432

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    hi there- i read your pst about gastric bypass surgery and i just wanted to present another altenative. see if your surgeon or another one in your area will do the lap-band surgery instead of the traditional gastric bypass. the surgery is just as effective and is proving to have fewer risks associated with it. also it can be completely reversed or adjusted if it needs to be such as if you become pregnant. it may be worth the extra dr. consult time to look into both procedures and compare them to see which is better and safer for you. either wieght loss surgery is definitely worth persuing. i hope this helps.

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