FMS and Hormones...Klutzo, Madwolf, anybody HELP!!!!!

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    Madwolf also please read: My age is 41 and I have never had kids. I was just reading todays post about hormones and thyroid. I was wondering if any of you have ever heard or had this symptom. Before I begin... I only have one ovary and its the left one. I still have my uterus. Okay here goes. When my period starts each month I get this wierd pain on one side being my right side. Its of course my breasts but also under the skin around my breasts underneath the right one and also under the skin on my back, it being the upper part of my back. I can pull my skin down and feel the soreness. Also it radiates under my skin down my right side to around my stomach. Its not in my stomach or in my chest cavity its under my skin like achy burning and its also sore in my muscles that are right under my skin around my torso area. Strange huh? Also I get these headaches that are of course menstral hormone type, and this month it has lasted for 9 days. I have been off the Yasmin birth control pill for 2 months now. OH MY GOSH did that pill ever make me have pain everywhere and carbohydrate intolerance and insomnia. I also could not eat any sugars without major pain in these areas especially!!!!! It also gave me MAJOR fatigue. Right now its day 9 of my cycle and im real fatigued and having this wierd pain. Im still having fatigue daily.... but not like when I was on that B.C. pill. My pain is alot better too. So my question is do you think its hormone related and also maybe realted to the the Yasmin birth control pill I took for 2 years? Its mainly a progesterone pill. I have heard that it can take up to a year to get any birth control pill out of your system. The funny thing is this wierd pain is all on the right side. Please answer anybody as its getting to be strange and scary. Also dont know if I should go see the Gynocologist, Immunologist or PCP. Please Help!!!! Klutzo have you ever had any of these symptoms?
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    Please bump...need help!!!!
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    I'm afraid most of this is beyond my expertise. If I were you I'd see my Gynecologist first. But, I will give you my thoughts on your post.
    I also have only one ovary, but my uterus was taken out when I was 29, and I am 52 now, so it's been a very long time since I had a period!
    I can relate to the headaches. The killer ones that come right before the period are called menstrually related migraines, and are the most painful type of migraine. The only thing that helped mine was menopause....they went away completely... Something for you to look forward to. Meanwhile, I am almost certain that you are in perimenopause now, as you are exactly the right age for it, and that is why your headaches are increasing in duration and frequency. Before perimenopause, I had one headache per month, and it lasted one day. During perimenopause, my headaches increased all the way up to 6 or 7 per month, and each one lasted 2-3 days. It was awful, and I hope you have adequate medication. I took a combination of Phenergan and Restoril to knock myself out at night. During the day, I took Xanax and Phrenelin (a narcotic specially formulated for migraines). I had to have something strong, since the pain raised my blood pressure way up into the stroke range.
    I did have pain all around my rib cage once, when I was 13 yrs. old. I went to the doctor who dx'd me with pleurisy, and wrapped me in adhesive tape from waist to breasts. Three days later, still with awful rib pain, I started my very first period, and as soon as it started, the rib pain went away. (So much for doctor's diagnosis!) So, do I think your pain could be hormonal? Yes, I absolutely do. But as I said, I am no expert in GYN problems.
    Please get it checked out and keep us posted.
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    The wierd thing to me is the pain is worse when I eat fruit, or any of the sugars that end in "ose." or carbs. If I did not have my Lorcet 10 forget work or any quality of life!!! Thank you again for answering...Love Pammy
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    I’ve had that for years – been to gynecologists, immunologists and surgeons and NOT ONE has any idea what it is!! Doctors have no clue about hormones or the immune system, and the only thing they know about breasts is they get ‘lumps’ – if it’s not a lump that can be x-rayed you’re up the creek without a paddle! For God’s sake – it’s the 21st century and we’re still in the dark ages!! I’ve been trying to research it (along with other CFS related issues) and cannot find anything ‘on point’ regarding mammary gland diseases or related disorders BUT I’m not giving up yet. The pain is so bad ON TOP of the CFS related pain I get so depressed.

    My pain is exactly as you described – it’s in the tissue between the ribs and muscle – just under the skin. Gentle massage does help a little, but it is so painful. Also, a heating pad helps a little. I also have only one ovary and my uterus, and I’m 39. I have had painful lymph nodes on the right side of my neck and jaw for 9 years and the breast related pain (on the right side) started about three years after the chronic lymph node pain.

    This DD is constantly scaring the daylights out of me. I seem to have all these weird things that no one has ever heard of. If I find any answers I will certainly post about it! I hope you will too! Having your hormones tested is definitely a good idea. Mine were way out of whack – high estrogen and zero progesterone – I’m on my first month of progesterone and haven’t seen any relief with the breast pain – I’m sure it’s too early though.

    I don't know what type of doc to recommend – none of the docs I’ve been to had any idea – maybe you’ll have better luck than me with your gyn. Don’t let him/her talk you into a mood calendar – just demand a real hormone test! I let my gyn put me off for years (against my better judgment) and now I wish I had been more demanding. I finally got a hormone test done by a Nurse Practitioner (the 2nd one I had been to relating the issue – the 1st one kept telling me it was menopause – and I was 36). This DD is so frustrating!

    Hope you start to feel a little better, or as well as you can with this DD!

    Sharon L