fms and liver disease

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    I am wondering if anyone out there has had an autoimmune liver disease diagnosis? The symptoms mimic those of fms yet your liver enzyme levels are high and you also have a high cpk. Thanks for your help!
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    One of my recent appts. when I had lab work done, my doctor said I had increased liver enzymes. He just said he would recheck from time to time. I've been checked once since that appt. & everything was okay. So, I haven't been diagnosed with a liver disease. However, it made me EVERYTHING does! HA!...if it was fibro related.
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    may I ask what your liver enzyme # was.

    mine is 38 H... they said it was elevated.

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    I have fms and high liver enzymes. what is cpk? They have been on the rise for two or three years- doctor wants to check them in two months.
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    Recently I had my GGT liver enzymes checked by the clinic
    and the result was 220 High. I asked my doctor how I could
    reduce it. To my surprise he told me that it is not dangerous but I don't believe/trust him at all. Now I am
    looking for a good remedy to heal my fatty liver(NASH).
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    Here is Goldy.
    Can anyone let me know know to lower my elevated
    GGT liver enzymes (NASH)? Please help.
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    Hi, I have had Fibro diagnosed in 93. I have had terrible muscle cramps in my ribs. In Jan. I went to the ER with a pain in my right rib-cage area and was treated for Gallblader. Next day I had an Ultrasound done and was told GB ^ looked fine but my liver had a lot of fat but this was not a problem? no other test were done. I have never had a pain like this before,like a solid core. Last night it started againe, not sure what to do at this point. Any ideas? pain scale 1-10=7to8
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    O.K., 10 years ago, I went to a nutritionist. He never gave me a diagnosis, but he gave me all these herbal products. Now I have the same symptoms, so I started taking some of them again. Milkthistle is good for the liver. He also had me on high b6 and b-12. I felt fine and didn't think about it. Now, I ran out 2 weeks ago, and boy am I hurting again! He also had me on pancreatin. In my internet research for FM I've seen that mentioned too. Tomorrow, when I get my paycheck, I'm getting EVERYTHING!
  9. deblouwhit

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    I also have high liver enzymes,ALT is 36, also have had high CK for a year or so, DR.'s don't know why.I also get terrible muscular pains in different spots. Do you know what it could be? I don't get any response from my DR.
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    I have FMS (diagnosed in '94) and was diagnosed with AIH (autoimmune hepatitis) in Feb. 2001..I have been under the care of a gastro for my AIH..After starting treatment for my AIH, my levels all came down and stayed within normal range up until March of this year..My gastro was trying to lower my autoimmune drug and with that my levels started to come up again..
    Yes, with AIH, you have a lot of fatigue and muscle and joint pain..You get the fatigue and muscle pain with FMS too..FMS is considered an autoimmune disease among many, and I was told once you have one autoimmune disease, it's very common to have another..I was also just diagnosed in Jan 2003 with CREST/Scleroderma which is another autoimmune disease..
    Yes, I have heard milk thistle is good for the liver, BUT PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR DR. FIRST!!
    ****WHAT IS CPK????????????
    Take Care...............Donna
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    What's your doc doing for your high cpk? Are you on med's? My gasto Dr. told me to quit taking Zocar.I don't have a diagnosis yet.
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    Please share with us what he says. Mine said exercixe and lose wieght. Isn't there surely a reason besides weight why we have a fatty liver, and what if they never test to see if that's what a person really has.Does high live emzymes just automaticly mean fatty liver? Thanks and have a good day!
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    Did you GP tell you anything for your fatty liver? Please let us know!
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    I found the following post on the FM board courtesy of
    Applyn59, and thought I'd share it
    with everyone.

    My Doctor told me since my enzymes were not elevated
    not to worry. He did say, I should watch my diet and alcohol

    Best to All!


    Fatty liver

    What causes fatty liver?
    What are the symptoms?
    How does fat get into the liver?
    Can fatty liver lead to other liver disease?
    How is fatty liver treated?
    How can I avoid fatty liver?


    Fatty liver is not a liver disease as such. It simply means there is more fat in the liver than normal. A person with a fatty liver is not necessarily ill.

    What causes fatty liver?

    Fatty liver can be caused by certain chemical compounds and by nutritional and endocrine disorders. Drugs or poisons that can cause fatty liver include alcohol, tetracycline, cortisone, phosphorus and carbon tetrachloride. Of these alcohol is by far the most common cause.

    Nutritional causes of fatty liver are starvation, obesity, protein malnutrition and intestinal bypass operations for obesity. In obesity the fatty deposits are occasionally accompanied by some inflammatory changes and scarring of the liver. The endocrine disorder diabetes mellitus often leads to fatty liver. In juvenile diabetes the fat may be rapidly deposited leading to tenderness in the upper right of the abdomen.

    Fatty liver of pregnancy is a serious condition occurring near term. Premature termination of pregnancy may be necessary. Delivery of the baby by Caesarian section may be a life-saving measure.

    What are the symptoms?

    Uncomplicated fatty liver does not usually produce symptoms because fat accumulates slowly. A doctor may be able to detect that the liver is enlarged by palpation (an examination by touch). When the fat content is increased rapidly the liver expands, stretching its covering, and pain results.
    In fatty liver of pregnancy there may be nausea, vomiting , abdominal pain and jaundice.

    How does fat get into the liver?
    Fat enters the liver from the intestines and from the tissues. Under normal conditions, fat from the diet is metabolized by the liver and other tissues. If the amount exceeds what is required by the body it is stored. In obesity some of the fat accumulates in the liver.

    Can fatty liver lead to other liver disease?
    Fatty liver in people who drink too much alcohol is sometimes followed by more serious liver damage in the form of alcoholic hepatitis. Serious liver damage is less common in diabetes and obese people who don't drink but it does sometimes occur.

    How is fatty liver treated?
    Treatment of fatty liver is related to the cause. Underlying conditions such as diabetes require treatment. Fat is decreased by removal of any drugs or other chemical compounds thought to be responsible. Nutritional causes are treated by altering the availability of fat coming into the liver. This is accomplished by providing available carbohydrates or by adding protein to overcome a complete or large deficiency in protein needed to make lipoproteins (proteins linked to fat and not capable of being dissolved in water).

    How can I avoid fatty liver?
    Do not drink to excess: alcohol can decrease the rate of metabolism and secretion of fat, leading to fatty liver. Overweight patients may have fatty liver, and are also at risk for several more serious conditions such as high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and heart disease.
    It is a good idea to watch your diet: starvation, excess dieting and protein malnutrition can also result in fatty liver

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    My alt was 136 and ast 110

    My Ultrasound diagnosis came back reading like this.
    There is increased echogenicity in the liver indicating fatty change. The gallbladder and spleen appear normal. The kidneys are normal in size and echotexture. The pancreas is not well seen due to overlying bowel gas.

    The abdomen aorta appears normal

    Fatty change in liver. Otherwise unremarkable ultrasound of abdomen.

    My question is this. Does this diagnosis mean I have fatty liver, or does it mean that I may be on my way to developing fatty liver? The Ultrasound technician told me that I had a little fat but nothing unusual for a 47 year old man. I know she is not the doctor, but I'm sure she has done thousands of these scans.
  16. boxscore

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  17. Michelle Z.

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    Hi Boxcore:

    By the sound of your test results it does seem that you
    are at the beginning of having your own Fatty Liver.

    Do you drink alcohol??? That is my problem. I love my
    beer. When I cut that out my Fatty Liver should pretty
    much resolve it self.

    Smoking is another factor. I finally quit after thirty years!

    I'm not a doctor, nor have I played one on TV, all I can
    say is to confront your doctor with the same question and
    expect him/her to give you an answer you understand
    and are comfotable with regarding what you should be
    doing help yourself avoid having a possible problem arise.

    Should you be changing your diet? Stop drinking?
    What can you eat? How about exercise? Ask Questions!

    Best to You All!

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  18. Michelle Z.

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    Love our Livers!!!

    Best to You All!

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    I have had fms for a few years and last year the drs found out I have Autoimmune hepatitis and my liver levels were in the 800's and I had turned yellow(jaundice)If I had had my gallbladder taken out they would have never found out about my liver and I might would have died from it so now Im on Imuran for the rest of my life and have to have blood work every 2 months..