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  1. Yamajin

    Yamajin New Member

    I would love to hear from anyone of you ladies that are between the ages of 45 and 55 that are in the throes of FMS and Menopause. I had a rough beginning in this area of my life being 21 before I had a menstrual cycle due to Polycystic Ovarian disease. I underwent a Wedge Re-section of the ovaries at 21 and since that time was as regular as clockwork. I have been with the FMS/CFS for about ten years now, but I can remember times during my first three years of menstruation when FMS was surely rearing it's head. I am curious about hormone replacement and if it seems to actually perhaps help the symptoms of FMS? I am currently having a cycle about once every three months and it's so horrible that I cannot hardly move. The bleeding is heavy and the pain breaksthrough my Mepergan.

    Have anyone of you tried the Estrovin? The more natural approach? I am curious because I am so sensitive to hormones that I could never take the "pill" my entire life. Tried about five different times on the lowest estrogen possible. I had hives and other problems. I do not believe I am a candidate for traditional hormonal therapies. I will likely have to commit myself to natural ones. I am 46 and this past 12 months has been the true start of irregular periods and more and more pain.

    If you have this and have any advice I would love to hear from you.

  2. Dlebbole

    Dlebbole New Member

    This is a very important topic! Especially to me...last year I went into sudden menopause due to chemotherapy treatment for cancer. Prior to that, my symptoms for the past twenty years or so have always been CFS like. But with my sudden menopause came severe anxiety, PAIN and trigger points of fibro, along with vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis and rectal spasms. (Had these last three to a very small degree for a long time, but nothing like what happened when my estrogen was gone).

    My estrogen came back after treatments and I've had cycles for about 7 months. I've gotten better to a large degree, much less pain, anxiety, etc. But I have tested BRCA1 positive and now my ovaries have to come out...any replacement therapy is not recommended...

    I'm really fearful that all those symptoms will come back. I'm scared of the possibility of more cancer but the fibro pain is really scary too. I'm interested to hear what people have to say on the menopause/fibro topic. Thanks for bringing this up! diane
  3. natrlvr2

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    I had y Dr. test me for menopause and it came back negative but I still say I am in perimenopause.I KNOW it.I am nto doing anything special yet.
  4. Dlebbole

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    hoping for more
  5. Annette2

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    About a year after I was diagnosed with FMS (age 47) I went through "instant menopause". I was getting regular periods my whole life. Then one day they stopped coming and never returned. My doctor tested my hormones and said "you have none". Of course that was tongue-in-cheek, but basically I was in menopause.

    I never went through peri-menopause. I'm convinced my body went through a crisis and just freaked out. I was under a lot of stress - both mentally and physically - and my hormones shut down.

    I went on hormones for a few years but eventually went off of them. I am afraid of getting cancer. I'm seeing an alternative doctor now, and he may put me on natural hormones.

    I don't know if this helps you, but I hope so. As with everything else we go through, getting menopause and hormones under control are another trial/experiment we go through!!!!

  6. HarrietHains

    HarrietHains New Member

    Hi, just read your post. I have had FMS since I had an instant menopause after removal of ovaries and uterus.I have always had polycystic ovaries and had numerous ops and wedge resections etc. Never had children. Then got a massive fibroid. Thought if I had the whole lot out I would finally be well. little did I realise that I was well before! Have now had FMS for nine years. Had various forms of HRT for about seven years. Have now come off totally and take nutritional and supplement support to cope with flashes etc. The most significant thing that has helped me has been taking organic whey protein(Solgar) over the past two months.
    Although I am dairy intolerant mostly, I can tolerate this as it is lactose free. It has strengthened my muscles and seems to calm me down, helps with sleep. I think it has something in it which balances hormones, too. I feel more like my old self than I have done for eight yrs.(Still pacing myself however). Highly recommend the book "Fibromyalgia & Chronic MYofascial Pain - A Survival Manual "by Devin Starlanyl. It is the best I have read on the illness and shows that there is obviously something in our systems which has made us prone to all this even before menopause.

  7. Lynda B.

    Lynda B. New Member

    Labs showed that at age 37 my estradial was "zero". It should have tapered off. Because no one knew how long this had been occurring they immediately put me on estrogen and progresterone because of my age. We did have to work with some of the hormone stuff.

    First, we discovered that I was not absorbing the estrogen so I went to an estrogen patch (Vivell Patch) which worked MUCH better. Then we lowered the estrogen because when I did have periods they were awful. It was like the flu. I could barely get out of bed for three days. But the 7-8 day periods had an effect on me for two weeks. Then I would get it together and get stronger for two week or so only to get knocked back down again by another period.

    I stopped mentruating while taking pain meds for 2-3 years. It was great but now I am off them I have had one period in three months. I have no idea what to expect.

    My main symptom was not hot flashes. I was hot all of the time and sweating like crazy. My lack of estradial was a pituitary disfunction.

    Anyway, for me I trust my gyn and she said I should immediately go on HRT because of my age. She is now worried since I have been on it for five years and there is a slightly higher risk of breast cancer the longer one is on HRT. So we are just going to deal with this year by year and see what happens when we lower it.

    Plus I will self educate myself about the more natural ways to get estrogen and such.

    You have some great advice already. I can only tell you about me and empathize with the pain that a simple period is causing and the frustration.


    Lynda B.
  8. Yamajin

    Yamajin New Member

    Thanks all of you for helping me with this situation. I am now just bleeding so heavily. I have stayed in bed weak and out of it. That FIBRO FOG you guys talk about is hitting me for all I have right now. This is not fun! I am convinced that the hormonal changes may not CAUSE FMS, but surely they are linked in some small way to worsening it's effects.

    This is the first cycle since stopping Methadone. I was taking Methadone for about 10 months and Mepergan for breakthrough pain. At this time I am on just mepergan and here comes this first period in a long time. Possibly the Methadone was keeping them away?

    I will get some ESTROVIN to try this next week and see how I do. I will be reporting how it's working. Since I have so many of the menopausal symptoms I think it's time to give myself any relief available. I find it very curious that most of us are around the same age with this. I am 46.

  9. Keelie

    Keelie New Member


    Thanks for bringing this topic up. I am 39, and have missed my last two cycles. This might not sound like a big deal, but I have endo and do BCPs 9 weeks on, and then one week off. So, this means no period since January. I've always had heavy, long cycles so this is very strange for me.

    I wish I had more info about natural therapies. I have been using the Alesse pill since it came out; it is a very low dose. I am wondering if I should go off it so I can get my hormones tested. Then, I think about the type of cycle you mentioned, and think that there is no way I could take that. So, that is part of the reason I continue to take the Alesse.

    BTW, the cycles stopped at the same time my FMS grew much worse. You have to wonder about the effect of this disease on our reproductive system. Mine's always been a mess, but even I didn't expect menopause at 39.

    Hang in there,
  10. Yamajin

    Yamajin New Member

    Thanks for responding Keelie. I am still new and wanting to jump in with both feet. I am finding myself with this sudden time on my hands from work. I am only doing three days a week and thanks' be that I can earn enough for food that way to help with the hubbies salary. I cannot work more than that without ending up in the emergency room it seems. My boss is very good to me and needs me whether it's three or more days he's just in dire straits without me. I am a trainer for a large grocery chain and I do very physical work. When these cycles mess up this much it affects me so badly.

    I am today, as I type so exhausted from the unreal amount of bleeding in just three days. By tomorrow it will slow but I still have a long day of this ahead of me. The pain is really awful right now because I just got off of methadone for pain and have only my Mepergan which is difficult to take in the daytime. It knocks me out at times.

    I think I started feeling my symptoms of FMS and Perimenopause at 38 years old. It seems that was a very powerful year of pain I had then. I can recall it as my FIRST really long bout of FMS/CFS. I get IBS so bad right before a cycle. That's my PMS. Diarrhea and migraines. YUK!

    I am noticing things move very quickly around this place and I was hoping that more people would have a chance to respond. I was going to get my estrovin today and I am so exhausted I cannot hardly type. I think it will have to wait a while now.

    Thanks for replying everyone. I appreciate feeling welcomed!

  11. opalgem

    opalgem New Member

    I began somewhere before age 41. Of course Doc said that it was too early, but I know for a facy my Mom started at 41 as well. I will be 46 in October and have not had a period for 4 1/2 years. They were heavy and painful as a teen. They tapered off in my late 30s and then just stopped.

    I refused HRT due to stories my mother told me. I did discuss it about a year ago with my Endo. , but I guess I am still too scared. I have heard good outcomes and success stories, but it has been ingrained in me I guess.
  12. Yamajin

    Yamajin New Member

    Sarah, I have thought about this all day as it's been a major concern for me throughout this painful cycle. I have an upcoming Mammogram and other tests soon and I will add the hormone analysis to the list. I think that way I can take my own counsel a bit better. I still do not want HRT. My mom took it for a short time and had such troubles. I am very large breasted naturally and shudder to think about the Breast Cancer scare with HRTS.

    Opalgem, I don't believe for a moment that there is an "AGE" that signals actual symptoms of menopause. At 46 I have had symptoms for a long time and now it's just getting much worse. If it's perimenopause fine, but still I think of it as a "change" as in the "change of life". All changes are hard to get used to in the body. I hope someday to see that there is actual research being done for women in this age group with numerous health concerns. I think Hormones play a significant role that perhaps are not understood yet. Hopefully there is a substantial group out there working on our behalf!

    Thanks folks for the commentary. I am enjoying meeting all of you and not feeling so isolated!

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  14. darude

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  15. christine2

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    I am almost 47 also and have had FMS for approximetaly 4 years now. I am now going through menopause and have not had a period for 6 months now. My pain (more neck and shoulders) is so unbearable and have found HRT (premarin) of no help at all, infact it bloats my stomach out just to make me feel even worse.
    I can hardly concentrate on anything anymore and my attention span is zilch.I actually take forever to try and read some of the posts. I get upset and the doc suggests antidepressants which, I try for a while and then come off them because they are not helping at all. At the moment I am taking tramodol 200 mg twice per day to control my pain.

    I belieive that a drop in hormone levels increases pain levels. Sorry if this post sounds wishy washy my head is thumping.
    Could you please let me know which natural hormones you are using and if they are helping at all.

  16. carebelle

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    I had a vaginal Hyst at age 25 after three children because I had really terrible periods and would bleed very very heavy every month with very bad pain.When I turned 49 I had a very bad mental breakdown at the same time my Doctors told me I was in meapause and also was Dx with CFS/FM.I lost my memory for about 6 hours and lived in a fibro Fog for a few years.My life has never been the same.I live with pain 24-7.Thank God my mental health is back but only after a long hard struggle and because of those that truely have loved me and stood by me.If my husband had not been so understanding I would have been lost in a world of fear and confussion forever.I thought I was getting better and my 24-7 pain had stop for almost a year but a few weeks ago came back full force.I do not know why.I have always beleaved that CFS/FM have something to do with hormones.My lumph note pain in my body has always hurt the same as when I'd be haveing a period.As I get older it seems like my pain never stops it never goes away.I have found nothing that helps my pain.Only warm bath and meditation on a good day but that doesnt take away the pain I just can put it out of my thoughts for a few mins.

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