FMS and Migraine headaches

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    I have Fms myself, but am posting regarding a friend. She is 29, has had fibromyalgia for about 5 years which began with a car accident. She suffers from chronic sleep problems and worst of all, has horrible, debilitating migraine headaches which send her to the ER quite regularly. Has a family history of migraines. Neurologists inside and outside her HMO cannot seem to get to the bottom of it. Sure wish I could help her; anyone with a similar story who has found help? Thank you, John Bee
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    i have had headaches almost daily for about ten years and i also have fm. the meds that have worked for me to decrease the severity of the headaches are neurontin and topamax taken daily. since i've been taking both of the i haven't had to stay in bed all day do to a headache even though i still get the headaches almost every day. they just aren't as bad. your friend may want to ask her dr. to try one or both of these meds if she hasn't tried them already.
    i hope this helps.
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    Hi, Pat here again. I take Imitrex for migraines, which is a vasal constrictor. I take methadone for the pain, because I have fibro too, but when I feel a migraine coming on I take a 100 mg. Imitrex and it's gone within minutes. And my migraines used to last 3-4 days with all the vomiting and nausea and everything else combined. I can keep them at bay with the Imitrex.
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    I, too, have FMS and chronic migraines. My migraines have decreased from 15-25 days per month to 6-8...a miracle! The neurologist I am currently seeing finally found the combination of drugs to prevent them...50 mg nortriptyline (an old AD) and 60 mg Inderal (blood pressure med) daily.

    One neurologist gave up on me, but my current neurologist and FM doctor refused to quit. I am so thankful! It took 6 years of trying everything from acupuncture to lists of meds to find the right combination.

    I haven't been to the ER in several months, and am so thankful! Please encourage your friend to find doctors that won't give up. I know it is difficult, but hopefully they will find the right combination of meds as they did for me. Good luck to you both...Ann
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    Wow my heart goes out to your friend, she is very lucky to have you!! We all need more friends like you!!
    I have had migraines most of my adult life. You name it I have tried it. My neurologist has not found the cause of them either.
    I believe the migraine are from the neck and shoulder pains from the fibromyalgia. I have found that trigger point injections to help me the most. I get them every 3 months, at the pain clinic.
    Best of luck to Your friend,

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    I have had migraine headaches for many years and used to have someone take me to the ER. Then came zomig. Unfortunately, they are very strong so I can only take a very small amount. It IS a prescription med. l would advise you to check with your Dr. to see if he would recommend it for you or not. There are other meds like imitrex that help others.

    If the headache is really, really bad and required me to take more, I will tell you that I feel worse but the headache goes away. It's one of those which can I deal with the most? As for me, I can't deal with the headaches.

    Sorry to get so long, didn't intend to.

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    Has she tried acupuncture? There are a lot of people who have had success with this treatment. Make sure she gets to a practitioner who has had at least 2-4 yrs. training and lots of experience.
    There are also clinics devoted only to headaches that combine traditional and alternative medicine. I'm not sure where you are but something like that might help.

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    Wow...That sounds EXACTLY like me when I first started this journey. Like your friend I got in a severe car accident and started getting chronic migraines...or so I thought. I took imatrex, neurontin, and a few others and NOTHING helped. Neurologists were baffled my my migraines. I did some research on my own and realized that my symptoms may be due to the car accident.

    That's when I visited a Pain Specialist. He told me that I was not suffering from migraines and it was in fact an injury from the accident. He diagnosed me with Facet Syndrome and Myofacial Pain Syndrome. He basically told me that I suffered whiplash and since the er that I went to after my accident, in their infinate wisdom, failed to treat me for the whiplash, it began to present itself as severe headaches...basically referred pain from my neck and back.

    After several non-successful procedures. I did some more research on my own and found that chiropractic care helped patients with similar injuries. I began chiropractic care and found out that in addition to the pain specialists explanation and diagnosis, I also had three impinged nerves from the car accident. After I began chiropractic care, I improved rapidly. After only two sessions I was feeling almost human.

    After a month I was better than ever, but my progress stalled and the pain continued...that's when my chiropractor sent me for further testing and we realized that I had fibro also. The accident triggered the onset of my fibro. My mother has it also and, ironically, her onset was triggered by a car accident too. Because of the fibro, I'm not sure if the myofacial pain syndrome and the facet syndrome are misdiagnoses, or whether I actually have them...that hasn't been sorted out.

    But I would STRONGLY recommend to your friend that she seek chiropractic care. If possible try to go through referrals as some chiropractors are better than others. The combination that helps me best is chiropractors that use a combination of tens unit (electronic muscle stimulator), heat, cold packs and adjustments. I find with only an adjustment my fibro begins to act up.

    I also stopped taking pain medications. I am not a doctor so I am not suggesting your friend do the same, but I found that my body's pain response is my body's best indicator as to when I am actually getting better and if I dope myself up on heavy pain medication I don't know if what I am doing is hurting or helping my rehibilitation. Please feel free to ask any questions. I found the best way is through self diagnosis and research because, unfortunately, we are the unwanted stepchildren of the medical community and if we don't take charge of our own care, no one else will.