fms/cfs classes online.

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  1. omm

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    Hi folks, about a month or so ago somebody mentioned a site which gave fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome classes. I checked it out, and it really looked interesting. Of course, what with my memory I have forgotten the name of the website. I would really appreciate it if someone could mention the name of this site. If you prefer to send it to me by email, that would be fine, too.
    Thank you in advance!

  2. teach6

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    You can do a search using any good search engine and you will be able to find the site. I used google and typed in CFIDS and FM self help. The first few listings were all from the site you want. I highly recommend them.

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  3. omm

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    Dear Barbara,

    I followed your advice and zip..... I was there!
    Amazing, because I had been to google, dogpile etc. and
    I had typed in classes, not self help. Those were the magic words. Thank you so much!