FMS/CFS How do you know when CFS is becoming part of the picture?

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    What types of docs should I think about going to if any????? Please read my responce below.

    This is from a previous post that was posted last Tuesday.

    URGENT Warmer weather and fatigue is this CFS also 04/25/06 03:27 PM

    I was DX last year with FMS in June. I had severe muscle pain and fatigue to the point that I felt like a rag doll from be exhausted besides the pain.

    During the winter months the fatigue seemed to disappear but the pain remained.

    Now that it is getting warmer again the fatigue is back with a vengeance. I tried to do a couple of things in the yard and after 5 minutes was totally exhausted and the pain has hit that perfect 10 once again.

    This was posted today by me.

    Like I said I was at my cabin for a couple of days and the temps were mid 60s and no fatigue but normal pain level of 9 and I do pace myself because I know overdoing will basically make me housebound for days.

    I'm thinking about asking my doc for a referral to an infectious disease specialist to see if there maybe underling causes to this, as that is the one type of doc I haven't been referred to yet.

    So far I have been seen by a neurologist, rheumy, physiologist(to rule out depression as my first quack of a doc kept telling the insurance co and telling me different) and general practitioner. Are there others that maybe I should see besides the infectious disease specialist.

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    if you want all bases covered go to FFC they do extensive testing.

    i have fibro and mild fatgue but i feel better in warm weather. hope you get answers. love GAIL

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