FMS/CFS & knee problems

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fight4acure, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. fight4acure

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    I need to relate to those who are having knee problems and FMS/CFS. Anyone just as unfortunate as me? Probably many in here!

    Fight ;)
  2. fight4acure

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    My knee cap is dislocated or it is subluxating. They'll need to do another MRI. Just started my second round of physical therapy for the knee in 2010. May have to get surgery to get it in its proper place so that it doesn't continue to get injured. It hurts worse than I ever imagined. Few pains are more painful to me, on me.

    I have a good back so far, yet it is painful, but the backbone is fine. My left hip bone seems to pop when I'm adjusting more weight onto my left side to protect my right knee from more severe pain. My left knee has been injured, but its just minor pains that I can easily cope with, but not my right knee, as some pains almost shoot me to the moon each day. Anyone want a ride to the moon? Hop on my sore back & the weight will hurt my knee and I'll get yah there! I kneeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a vacation from my kneeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Fight ;)
  3. gknee

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    I can relate I have FM/CFS and horrible OA. I have had OA in my knees for 34 years. I was dx'd at 17 years old. It's now in both knees, elbows, hips etc... I had a knee replacement this summer. It was the best thing. I can function so much better with my new knee.
  4. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Thanks 4 replying, a good friend of mine just had knee surgery, but unfortunately he's having a really hard time in pt because he also has an acl injury. you would think that they'd do surgery on both, but doctors don't make sense to me anymore.

    This knee cap has been looking funny to me since July of this year when I first went to the dr, but the dummy doctor said i only have patella pain syndrome, even tho there was cartilage damage shown. The dr and her nurse ridiculed me for not working and for being on meds for FMS,, which they believe to be an illness in which we apparently seek attention and make up pain symptoms to get attention. The second knee doc was more rude in that he decided to ridicule me for all of the MRIs done to my head, neck, backbone, etc, and so he decided I was fine. So much for a second opinion on a freshly re-injured knee. I'm so fed up with docs, its why I didn't go to them when I first injured my knee and ankle in the summer of 2009, and it never got better. We should be able to yank their licenses when they judge us like that and treat us like crapola!

    At least the third knee doc that my reg doc referred me to knows enough to have me go to PT, in which I found out that my knee cap is out of alignment, partially or fully dislocated. I guess I wont know until a doc decided to test it again after this new injury. They keep referring to the old mri, yet I reinjured my knee.

    I'm so glad to hear that your new knee is working great for you! Its nice to hear that there's hope at the end of the tunnel, 4 me and my friend.

    Fight :)
  5. meditationlotus

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    in my knee joints, thigh muscles, middle and lower back.

    But, I have been very lucky. I've discovered that when I tak 3000 mgs of glucosamine sulfate and 1/2 scoop of MSM per day, after about a month the pain is gone.

    If I go off of these things, after a month, the pain is excruciating again.

  6. fight4acure

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    Thanks for your replies!

    Its ironic that both you and Jamin mention MSM. I looked it up online, apparently there has been vets that use that for healthy joints for dogs. So, I thought... since they often take the same medications that we do, maybe I should continue to take the MSM that I was taking a while ago. So, I'll let you know how it helps with the pain. Until then, I'll keep yall updated on my progress in pt. I very much believe I'm going to have to have either arthroscopy or open surgery, on the knee cap, and if I'm lucky, there aren't any other complications that I'm having.

    I know my left hip has been hurting since I injured my knee again back in July of this year, and then again in October. I'm so frustrated with my back too, the lower back has been acting up on and off since October of this year due to the lifting injury that re-injured my knee the 3rd time.

    Can yall think of any good back exercises and stretches that I can do without having to bend or put pressure on my right knee, besides the walking that I'm already doing for it? I am unable to do my yoga stretches, so I'm using the wall to help me with the cat arch and then putting arms out straight to stretch the back and shoulders. If anyone can come up with some other exercises or stretches for the back that don't involve bending my knee, nor putting much weight on the knee, I'd be so thankful. I don't want my back to continue to fall victim of my knee problem. Note: Its my lower back killing me, and for 3 days I've not been able to stand up all the way, in other words, I cannot straighten out my back. I know it is muscle related, not anything to do with my back discs because they're unremarkable.

    Fight ;)
  7. fight4acure

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    Thanks for your reply. I also have been given those diagnoses, except for I haven't been dx with OA, but I have what they call osteophytes in my neck. I'm sensitive to chlorine, but I must take anti-allergy meds and I also must lotion my body often with lotion to keep myself from having much skin irritation.

    My doc did request pool therapy for me. I don't know when I'll start that, but I hope I can soon. I have been gaining weight since the summer of 2009 when I first injured my knee/leg/ankle. My ankle recovered well, and my toe was broken, but it recovered well. One x-ray shows that at one time my fibula was broken and it healed. I believe it happened last year because it felt like my leg was broken, but they aren't sure when it happened. I'll let you know how things go in therapy. Bone spurs are common on my dad's side of the family, and I hope not to get them as they're really painful. It'll be nice if they could come up with a better chlorine that wouldn't irritate so much.

    Fight ;)
  8. coolma

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    Yes, with the beginning of my fibro collapse, my rheumatoid arthritic specialist who treats my fibro, (for 15 years), diagnosed my knee pain as bursitis and arthritis. I went to other knee specialists and they concurred. She says the bursitis is inflammation of the bursa sac on the insides of the knees. I had swelling for the better part of 16 years until I moved and got rid of all stairs. Got rid of alot of the pain too! Good luck.
  9. fight4acure

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    I'm glad you're doing well with the post hip surgery. Your success story helps anyone who might end up having surgery and are afraid to go through it. The exercises along are hard with FMS adding onto it. Keep doing a great job!
  10. fight4acure

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    I only have three steps to climb, and thank God for that! Last year I had to go up and down the stairs. It seems that pt is going okay, but not as fast as it did last time. My knee cap keeps on moving around on me, causing me lots of pain. My back is still misbehaving, going out on me to the point where I can hardly stand. I haven't been able to stand up straight for 6 days now. I don't have arthritis in the knee yet, but I have a knee cap moving around, causing my cartilage to soften. Glad you got rid of stairs!
  11. fight4acure

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    Found out that my knee cap is moving on me, causing me tons of pain, called subluxation/dislocation. Went through phy therapy for the second time on my right knee, but it still doesn't help. It's very painful and every time I bend or straighten out my knee, it moves around and is quite painful, and it snaps/pops loudly, feels like it is catching on the cartilage that is soft, shown in an mri.

    Frustration is high!


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