FMS docs around West Chester, PA?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by G.I.Jane, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. G.I.Jane

    G.I.Jane New Member

    Hi everybody :) I was wondering if anyone knows of a good FMS doctor around the Chester County, Pennsylvania area - my hubby & I are moving so I'm leaving my wonderful doc here. I do have a couple of doctor lists from online - both the list and the list. Any recommendations would be great - wishing you all well:)) ~ J
  2. bioman85

    bioman85 New Member

    i live around the area, and you may hear of Dr. Steven Katz. Not a very good doctor in my opinion. Told me to see a psychologist and told me it's probably just a virus which will clear up soon.
  3. Frecker777

    Frecker777 New Member

    Wow—I am from the West Chester, PA area and have pretty much depleted my doctor reserve—and still haven’t found a great one! I have jumped around for the past few years and have yet to really connect with one primary doc. Right now I am going to the FFC in King of Prussia, but the costs are a bit outrageous. Email me separately if you want to ask about any specific doctors.

  4. G.I.Jane

    G.I.Jane New Member

    Hi! Thanx for the advice - I really appreciate it. Bioman85 - I can't believe how horrible it went with Katz!!!! Why is he on the Good Doc list??!! Yikes!! Hoping you'll find someone great soon, I'll write in if I end up with someone I like. To Frecker777, I don't like the sound of how many physicians you've tried . . .not sounding good for my success in this area!! I don't even know what the FFC is - clinic? I'll probably send you an email asking about those specifics, I'd like to roll a couple of names your way and see if you've heard of them. Thanks a bunch - really. It's so tough finding someone good. For anyone reading, I had a FANTASTIC doctor here in Allentown. Dr. Marzena Bieniek (office#610-432-8185). Of course a lot of this is personal preference, but my husband & I both thought she was pretty darn good :) Good luck to you two!! J

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