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    Okay, for the last couple of years my Rheumy (who is a genius) has treated just about every little problem that has arised with in the last two years from (internal bleeding, low red blood count, IBS, acid reflux, ulcer colitis? recurrent infections) and the list goes on...anyway he ran a test for H pilori which not to my surprise came up positive. His theory since I been with him is, FMS is caused by problems with the GI tract, low or no obsorbsion of vitamins and malnutrition causing muscle spams, muscle weakness, and so on...FMS/CFS = GI tract problems.

    Has anyone else here DX with FMS/CFS come up positive with H pilori? I recall when I first contracted this, through bad drinking water while vacationing in Mexico in 95, lol! Friends were playing a prank on me and I fell for it. Exactly about the time when I began to feel very bad, flu like symptoms, body, muscle, joint pain, then hospitalized, ect.. for years till I was DX with FMS/CFS in 97. I believe FMS/CFS can also be caused by infection so I'm optimistic, if this in fact may be the main cause of this dredded disease.

    I am taking pre pak which I am having a terrible time digesting due to the acid refluxis in my stomache. Although, I am also on anti acid RX it doesn't seem to help much. After only staring the TX two days ago, I flared up like crazy and ended up in the docs office -E's. Shot of predizone didnt help this time around. Just about passing out, unable to eat or drink anything for two days.
    Any aqdvice or suggestions on how to approach this agressive TX?