fms; I think my doctor is more confused than me...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hagatha01, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. hagatha01

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    Being recently dx'd w/fms my dr ran a blood culture called CK. His office r/t my call w/results stating it was extremely elevated. My dr wants to refer me to a fms specialist and an orthopedic dr. I understand the fms dr but why a ortho dr? Of course I am waiting for my dr to r/t my call for some answers as his receptionist had no answers to my questions. Any one ever heard of this crap? Guess I am frustrated already and in pain which makes my attitude very unbecoming. Thx all, Hagatha
  2. discoverygal

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    Hi Hagatha

    My doc gave me a couple of referrals at the same time and I just did one at a time.

    I would recommend you go to the fms specialist and find out what he/she says about going to an orthopedic doc. This specialist may be able to refer you a PCP who is knowledged in FMS that you can switch to. This is something you and the PCP will be treating for a long time. We need the docs who know this is real and who is willing to learn about it.

    I was dx'd in Oct, and I have found (but have not perfected) that I am the one who needs to manage my medical care as far as this illness is concerned.

    Where do you live? Who is the specialist? I'm just interested, because I don't think there are alot of FMS "specialists" out there.

    Good luck

    Gentle hugs
  3. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    I have FMS and I must be her first. She doesn't know what to do with me. We were discussing specialists the other day and she asked me which one I should go to? lol So we decided to go with the Neuro (that was a waste). So today I have to go see her and have her send me to a Rheumy. I also have to ask her to extend my STD.

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