FMS & major surgery complications

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    I had a total knee replacement done four weeks ago. Everything was going great until about one week ago when I started getting severe calf pain. I had an ultrasound done to rule out any blood clots. Both the surgeon and my GP feel it is muscle related but cannot say it is related to my fibromyalgia. Has anyone else had any severe muscle pain after having major surgery, and if so, were you able to make any connection to the pain and the fms?
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    A friend of mine a few years ago was in the Northwest and had both knees replaced. It was difficult and she returned to work and was walking uphill to get to her job. It was a killer and she will go into the large department stores for a break. But she had to keep walking and working those knees, even after many months of physical therapy. Are you into intense physical therapy as that is what my friend did.

    A coworker of mine had both knees replaced and due to her weight, had to stay in a rehab center for some time to get the physical therapy she needed. She returned to work and was struggling, but by far the most difficult time was physical therapy after surgery.

    Back in 1999 I had knee surgery after an auto accident--not total knee replacement, but bones were broken in the knee. The original the surgeon was not pleased with the original physical therapist because the results were not there and I could barely walk after many months. He changed me over to another therapist that believed in "boot camp" physical therapy and this guy really knew his stuff. Yes it hurt, sometimes I got cramps but he knew how to work them out. And eventually he turned the problems from bad to good and resolved it all to the doctor's satisfaction. The other therapist is no longer on that doctor's list for therapy because a good therapist is so important to recovery. Also, the good therapist was very particular in standing back to see how I walked, jogged and to see whether the position of the leg and knee were correct.

    What is your physical therapist saying and is the physical therapist someone who has handled many people who have had knee replacement??

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