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  1. pima691

    pima691 New Member

    I have enough pain with my FMS now my legs
    are killing me. I can't sleep anymore it
    hurts to much. Haven't had a good night
    sleep in months. Does anyone have RLS and
    if so what helps. I need to sleep. Any help
    is greatly apprieciated.

  2. fungirl2100

    fungirl2100 New Member

    Hi Michelle,

    I know how you feel. I was just diagnosed with FMS last month after about 3 mos of suffering & the doc having no idea what was wrong with me. I too am suffering from RLS worse than I was before. I am currently on Trazadone & Zanaflux for sleep. I try taking a nice hot shower before bed along with no caffeine. I try to relax & not start cleaning or doing anything that will get me worked up.
    You may also want to try a heating pad as well. Also a good mattress & pillow arrangements can help. When my RLS gets me worked up it is near impossible to fall asleep or sit still. The other day I hadn't slept for 2 days because of my RLS problems. I see my doc this Thursday & am going to discuss how serious this issue is getting.

    Are you currently taking anything for your RLS issues? If so what are you taking?

    your friend,
    Dawn aka doc's wife
  3. pima691

    pima691 New Member

    hi dawn
    I am not taken anything for it at all doc hasn't
    really even touched base with me about it. I have
    to see him next week and will again ask about it.
    I also take Trazadone it really doesn't help much
    not even for sleep sometimes. My RLS has gotten so
    bad now I don't sleep for days sometimes. If you get
    any good news from the doc let me know ok.

    write again ok

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