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    I would like to comment on the pain (myalgia and some arthralgia) in FMS. I have heard some consultants and patients saying that the pain is just amplified "normal" sensations and many patients have thought that the pain is phantom pain. I believe this totally wrong. In many cases of fibromyalgia there is underlying trauma which can be seen with fMRI. However the pain isn't always in the area of the trauma and is often more than would be expected considering the degree of trauma.

    Consider some examples of "odd" pain.
    In post operative neuropathy the pain is often in an area not related to the operation but on quizzing the patient it can usually be put down to previous injury or strain which had cleared up. Post Operative neuropathy is primarily immunological
    Experiments by Professor Light have shown that people with FMS or ME/CFS who undergo physical exertion and suffer post-exertional malaise and often increased pain lasting 24-48 hours have an underlying immunological change profile indicative of an inflammatory response.

    People with FMS have great difficulty exercising and very easily go "too far", exacerbating their pain. Finding the right amount is tricky because most want to progress quickly

    I believe that many people with FMS have the same underlying illness as people diagnosed with ME/CFS but the pain felt in those diagnosed with FMS is their paramount symptom resulting in a diagnosis of FMS, usually by a Rheumatologist. The source of this pain is immunologically amplified minor trauma. In this sense FMS is like an autoimmune disease. In a sense the immune system is attacking neuro-muscular tissue when a change to the tissue is signalled.

    My point is, the pain is not amplified normal sensations and is not the result of cognitive distortions. It is the result of a tirade of cytokines/chemokines.

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