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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ladymantis, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. ladymantis

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    Hi. I am new here- I popped in about 4 yrs ago and people accused me of soliciting...My story- I was diagnosed with fms for over 6 years. I found information online leading me to believe it was gallstones. I did Dr. Hulda Clarks protocol, expelled hundreds of gallstones, and have been feeling awesome for over 4 years now. Her information is crutial in our world today. I started with the herb cleanse and immediately felt better. Dr. Clark believes gallstones can make your shoulder hurt, your leg, ribs, back, etc. My barfing migraines are gone as well. Please search her name and 'bizarre claims'- you can find products in your town, online, or even grow it yourselves- I am not soliciting...
    [url removed as per rules]
    I actually went to a health food store and found the 3 herbs in many products ranging from 10 bucks to 30. The olive oil part is just as crutial, and way cheap.

    I hope this information helps at least one person- it made so much sense to me, and worked.

  2. elsa

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    Pleased you are feeling better. If you were treated poorly years ago, that's a shame .... I looked up your profile, they have you recorded as a new member starting just today, ..... Didn't make any mention of a previous membership here. They usually leave that information up, ... maybe not the topics you participated in, but a record that you have been with us.

    It's good to feel better ...... I'm feeling better too. No treatment of gall stones for me .... More along the lines of treating the four cornerstones that are fairly excepted protocols for CFS/FM.

    Since you mentioned you have participated here before, then you remember that posting URLs .. or .. Website addresses (that sell anything) are against the rules that we all agreed to prior to being accepted. Perhaps this is the reason you were accused of solicitation?

    I think it would be an excellent idea for you to fill out your profile and, as a good faith measure, remove the URL address you advertised. You might get a more trusting and welcome response that way.

  3. Sandyz

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    I`m thinking of doing a Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse so I was glad to see your post. I have heard of one other Fm lady that it really helped too. My massage therapist says said that people that have gallstones also have their liver full of stones. The liver gets so full, they overflow into the gallbladder.

    I`m glad this worked so well for you. I figure its worth a try.


    LISALOO New Member

    I'm glad this worked for you. I have done liver cleanses many times, even before CFS. I heard it was good for Interstital Cystitis. Did it help my ic, yes, a little.

    Did it keep me from getting CFS or help treat CFS, no. I'm glad it did help you though.

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