fms with severe wrist pain to shoulders (carpal tunnel)

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    I have been in pain with fms for seven years with cfs. I also had emg and nct tests. I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel and it seemed to go away. The past 5 years my shoulders have been in pain and upper arms muscles on both arms and my wrist hurt, my hands have pins and needles and feet. My rheumy yesterday said, carpal tunnel can affect all the way up to your shoulders. Not one doctor ever said that while I have been in pain having cortisone inj, etc..thinking arthritis,...I am now referred for a 2nd opinion with a top neurologist at GWU in DC a Dr. Kelly. They are thinking I also could have periferal neurapathy due to the cold hurting my skin and burning and sometimes sweating. Are there any other women out there with severe shoulder @arm pain which turns out not to be fms or arthritis? Does anyone else have neuropathy? Please write back any treatment or meds that are helping. I'm on neurotin and topamax.
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    I have severe RA and FM (plus lots of other wonderful ills..) I have carpal tunnel bad in the right arm and wrist/hand. I goes all the way up to the shoulder too, some days the pain/weakness is so great I can't lift my arm or use it.
    I haven't been diagnosed with neuropathy, but it is a posibilty. I don't know alot about it...I have alot of nerve damage in my neck back and shoulders. I am interested to know what you find out, keep me posted. {{{{HUGS}}}}
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    Hi, I too have the same kind of pain you both are talking about. I have had all the tests, emg, etc. They have also done an MRI of the neck. My problem turned out to be degenerative disc disease aggravated by an automobile accident. Final diagnosis, cervical disc disease with stenosis. No matter what condition you have, you are going in the right direction. Once you have the test at the neurologist, he will be able to tell you exactly what the problem is and how to go about treating it. I have chosen to use medication as my treatment plan. Although it helps, it will never take the pain away entirely. Most important thing to remember is to know your limitations. Do what you can do. Stay as active as you can and never, never, give up. FMS/CFS along with all these other conditions can really get you down if you let it. I have been able to make some lifestyle changes and build up some support groups along the way. Good Luck. Let us know what happens. LOL
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    I appreciate your answering me. This has been such a confusing, mysterious illness with overlapping symptoms. When I see the Dr. Kelly it will be for a 2nd opinion (neurologist). My labwork from last week showed a low glucose level so now they don't believe it is from diabetes as they thought it could be but there are other things that could cause it also, I quess. What meds are you on? Do you have fms/cfs also with it? I haven't been able to build up much support with family, they have tired of it. More support has been with internet buddies. Do your arms hurt in upper muscles, biceps, during the last half of the day, sometimes bad but upon waking feel almost normal. I looked at a chart in dr.s office and the medial nerve does run up all the way of the arm! I start p/t this week for c/t and then will be getting an injection into wrist in a few weeks also wearing splints at night.
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    Thanks for writing. We sound alike in many ways. I will be getting a 2nd opinion at GWU in March. When I became ill in 96 it all started with bad ct in left hand,wrist, up arm to shoulder, around to shoulder blade, and myofascial pain. I had injections into them and diagnosed with that and fms/cfs. I went to Georgetown in DC-2nd opinion, John Hopkins, 3rd opinion, and from being less active with fms the ct lessend until 6 mo ago, full blown now, can hardly lift arms in evening. I will let you know what happens. One dr said it could be from diabetes, but my sugar showed up low! I'm going to take all my test results with me for him to view. What meds are you on? Do you find this site helpful for our conditions?
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    Hi, i have severe pain in wrist and shoulders and arms.
    I have Rhumetoid and fibro, in October orthepeditc did x-rays on neck and shoulders. He gave me a cortezone shot and said I have degenterative arthritis???

    when I have bad flares it acts up bad.

    good luck, hope you find out what is going on.