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    I just saw your dog in your Profile page. HOW'D YOU DO THAT? - Thanks for your reply. - Jim -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEVER MIND. I JUST FIGURED IT OUT. POSTED MY PIC
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    sorry about that.. I don't come to the chit chat board very often..

    glad you figured it out .. hey I cought your post about Pippi's Dog story .. very nice.. I had to share myself.. things like that are what its all about..

    do you visist this board a lot ? there are post on this board I don't understand. the porch ligth is on ? whats this about ? just wondering ..

    then there are post that seem to be just a few people that post on it. like chatting , i'm always afraid to post on these. feel like I'm butting in or something..

    anyway .. Huggles .. talk to you later ok.

  3. JimB51

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    I just started posting a little after being off line for 3 years. Sometimes I don't know what they're talking about either - like "porch light's on". Maybe that's referring to having brainfog(sort of absent mindedness due to CFS) - "Porch light's on but nobody's home" - Go ahead and butt into a post. That's how I got to know some of these people during my 3 years on the boards. There are no "outsiders" here.
    _ Jim
  4. FMsaddenedspirit

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    Jim .. thanks for the responce.. Ya I was thinking maybe thats what it ment. "Porch light's on but nobody's home
    I will butt in and ask I think.. it would be nice to share some of those moments ,as it sure can get frustrating.

    hope today is a good day .. Huggles.

  5. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    Thank you .. I have been wondering about this for some time...

    .I'll have to stop on by some time and say hi to every body.... I like the one Rule. ..that's the way it should be...

    I'm sure my husband could use a break from me talking all the time LOL... never seem to have anything to say during the commasherals. only when he is trying to watch a show . LOL..

    Take care Hon... have a Good day .. :)


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