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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tata1580, Jul 25, 2006.

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    Hi....I read your post to MLP1954 regarding the death of her mother and the butterflies, you talked about seeing spirits and conversing with them...I too am a believer and was wondering if you would like to share some stories with me...

    I am not sure if such a conversation is allowed here or not..if not that is ok..but I am very interested in the spirits, the other side, physic ability and etc..

    Hope to hear from you
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    Sorry it took so long for me to respond. I wish there was a way we could email one - another. I also, wonder what is allowed here and what is not. There are many of us here with similiar interests. Are you just interested or have you experienced some ghosty things? I often, "read" for people and find one common thread with messages they have and that is love.....and once we/they pass their love for us is uncondintional. They trully love us just the way we are. It is a beautiful thing that I enjoy being able to pass on to folks. Have you ever thought about or explored the spiritual connection of Fibro and CFS? It is something lately that I am trying to piece together....because I believe everything happens for a reason.
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    I am so glad to hear from you. The other day I did a post to a person who was having a really bad day and I told her that I been mad over the things that I can not do any more, but after my last fit I threw over that..I began to think..and this is what I told her for there is a time for every season and a reason. I think yes there is some connection, not sure what it is but like you I am working on it. I have an interest and yes I have had some experiences with the other side. and If I am reading your right I am learning to read also.

    I found a thread from a few days ago telling us how to exchange email address I am going to try to copy it here and maybe we could set up a time and get in the chat room and do this.

    I seen today that our butterfly woman was wanting to visit with you about the same thing..maybe we could aol chat all together or something.

    I am so glad you answered..this stuff excites me.

    post from 7/27/06

    How to exchange email with members using chat 07/27/06 06:53 AM

    There have been several posts regarding exchanging emails, and while this is prohibited on the message boards, it is allowed in chat.

    There are a number of "rooms" in chat and few are ever used, giving the benefit of a lot of "private rooms." When two members wish to "meet" and exchange email addresses, they try to set up several times, taking time zones into consideration, meet in chat, go to a room where there are no other chatters, and exchange email addresses there. This is also a good way to "talk" in real-time with another member rather than posting messages back and forth for all to see.

    To enter chat, click on "Live Chat" located fourth from the left...Post Topic, View Posts, Message Boards, Live Chat, Log Off." Follow the destructions. Most chatters tend to enter through "fibromyalgia" or "depression" (there's a long list of rooms, many to pick from).

    ***There also is another "Chat" button on the purple strip which doesn't work on this end but may for others.***

    It takes a few minutes for the chat to load, so don't give up! The chat box will pop up about the time you wander off to use the bathroom or get something to drink, lol.

    Maximize the chat box once it does pop up to make it easier to read, etc. There is a "Settings" button, low right side, which can be used to slow down the scroll, enlarge the font, change icons (everybody starts with a Woodstock birdie), and other functions.

    If it looks like you're alone in chat, click on the "ROOMS" tab, upper right corner roughly. You'll see a lot of zeroes to the right of the room listings and one or two of them will probably have some chatters, a number will show rather than zero if there are chatters in a room.

    Double click on a room with chatters in it. Usually you'll get greeted by everyone in the room.

    To look for a particular chatter, click on the "USERS" tab, just left of the "ROOMS" tab. Make sure the button next to "Show All Users" is green (click it if it's gray). That will show a list of everyone who is in chat. If you're looking for a specific person, you'll see their name, it will be the member name they use on the message boards.

    If no one is anywhere in chat, hang around a few minutes. Someone will show up in a room somewhere.

    To enter a room with other chatters, click on "ROOMS," then double click on the room name you wish to enter. Ta-da, you will arrive.

    If two chatters wish to exchange information or just chat privately, decide on an "empty" room that both will enter. Then both members double click on that room name and enter it. Be sure to click the "USERS" tab and make sure your "Show All Users" button is gray so you can see very quickly if someone else enters the room.

    For privacy's sake, it's generally better to exchange emails with only one other person at a time in a room with only those two chatters present.

    Topics are wide ranging. If no one is talking about something you're interesting in, introduce the subject. Ya gotta jump right into chat, it helps to remember no one can see you and "interruptions" are usually welcome and not viewed as interruptions.

    It can be difficult to follow the conversations in chat, especially if a lot of chatters are in one room, and frequently several conversations are going on at the same time. This gets easier with time. It helps to address the person to whom you're trying to chat (when it's busy) by putting their name at the beginning of what you type. Name abbreviations are commonly used in chat, and if you show up very often, you'll wind up with your own "pet chat name," an abbreviation of your member name.

    I hope this helps those who are wishing to correspond outside the board, and also those wanting to try chat. It can be a lot of fun, though it can move fast at times. If the chat is moving too fast, just type something like "this is too fast for me" and double click on another room, someone is bound to follow you.

    Good luck

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