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    This little icon says it all. I am getting so worried about my brain. I am forgeting important things at work. Yesterday I forgot what time I was supposed to go in. My boss and I needed to do inventory before opening so we decided to go in at 5:45. We talked about it all week. Saturday night I thought it was 6:45 that we talked about so I went in an hour late.

    He is a great guy and is understanding about my condition, but I spent a good long time crying when I got home. I am so worried.

    Does anyone think this might be because of the percocets and vicodin I am taking. I only take 5 mg at work to take the edge off, so it's not enought to make me loopy.

    Is it the FMS or the meds?

    I am very worried. I'm getting worse.
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    I have been searching and searching for important papers that I put somewhere safe and now I can't remember where that is. GOSH. I have gone through everything and searched everywhere. I would not have thrown it away. It's probably in my desk at work ... I have been off on STD for 4 weeks.

    I give the wrong day/date ... transpose things ... sound like I am really dumb or nuts. I don't take the meds you mentioned. I have not taken any pain meds (just occassional fioricet) for my migraines. Two weeks ago I started taking Lyrica and feel like I am drunk ... hahaha. I might be ahead to just go ahead and drink!!! Yess it is scarey hun. I was never a rocket scientist but I also felt like I could hold my own in society ... but now I cannot think of words. I always took pride in my grammar and spelling. Now I look and sound like a real dope. I really hate it when I lose my train of thought.

    I think it is 50-50 on what causes it. I was that way pretty much without pain meds :-( so it must be the FM.

    I am trying to pull myself together for the day. I have been up 1.5 hours and still feel dazed and confused. So I havee to wait until I am clear enough to take a shower. I worry about losing my balance (happens a lot) and falling. I have not started taking my pills for the day yet. I take an anti-depressant and now Lyrica (pain). I have to run an errand so I don't dare take the Lyrica until I get back.

    (((((((((( take care ))))))))))
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    I had fibro fog all day yesterday.I could not remember the day it was and I would go to do one thing and would forget what it was.

    I was dropping things and still did not know what day it was. For a moment I was wondering when Christmas would be arriving soon.

    When I caught myself I just thought I was going crazy, but remembered there were others like me.

    Once I knew it a fibro fog I felt better. And today I am much better.

  4. froggyfog

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    I could of wrote your post myself. I have done the exact thing and more. At work I would go to a meeting only to realize there was no-one in the meeting room then I would go back to my office to look up the meeting room only to find out(after much research)that I had put the date down wrong on my calendar. I couldn't even trust my calendar because I would write things down wrong. I was a manager and my employees would question me anytime I told them something regarding a date or time because they knew how I was. I am on STD now. Right before going out on FMLA I wrote one order in a chart and wrote something different in the progress notes I reaized it was just too much for me. I have even been driving and realized I wasn't sure what exit to take(in my home town where I have lived for over 25 yrs). Needless to say it can be scary at times. I have had a brain MRI and it did not show anything....I think it has to do with fatique, it seems like when I am tired I have more trouble. Anyway you are not alone, just laugh and the things you can and try to get rest and not do to much.

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  6. discoverygal

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    My cell phone has a notes feature, so I have started typing in my things I think I should remember. I think this will help with some things.

    Shalala, I am always forgetting where I put things. At work I took the daily folder out to look at the orders I had done for the day. This folder holds all of the orders that everyone did. After I recorded my orders I couldn't find the folder. It had everyones else's orders in it and it CANNOT be misplaced. Oh man I looked all over for it. The next day I found it in another section of the file cabinet. This could have been huge.

    I think that knowing I have this issue, I will take care to really pay attention.

    I am still worried because I am getting worse every day. I am waiting to level out.

    2 months ago I said " ok if I stay like this I can deal with it", but now with the level of pain, droppies, and forgetfullness, I am bad enough that I don't think I can deal with it.

    I am glad to have this forum.

    Gentle hugs
  7. Adl123

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    Dear Danette,
    I'm so very sorry you are going through this. I know it's scary and embarrassing.

    My brain fog had gotten very bad from CFIDS/Fibro, and then I started going to an acupuncturist. He helped me so much that My ability to read went from 15 minutes to over an hour. I was able to balance my checkbook without any trouble and I didn't get confused or forget anything "scary".

    Then my insurance company stopped paying, so I had to stop the acupuncture. I also had a small operation. The Lidocaine caused very bad brain fog, setting me back more than 6 months. I really hoped for the best as I balanced my checkbook and paid my bills, that month!

    Then my insurance reversed its decision and I started acupuncture again. Even though I'm primarily going for pain, the side effects of the treatment are less and less brain fog. I'm so grateful for that.

    I hope this gives you hope, and maybe an idea of what to do. I find that coffee and also berries, especially blueberries, help.(I buy the frozen berries, cook them with a little basalmic vinegar and sweetener of some kind, and put them over a little sugar free, live culture, frozen yogurt. Ummmmm! This is either breakfast or one of my snacks.

    Good luck,
  8. obrnlc

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    hi dannette, that was one of my very first symptoms, way before i started taking meds!
    We used to all laugh about it at work and call it my "Adult onset ADD" since then it was more of a concentration issue, then became very DISORGANIZED, then the FOG really set in! I write on the calender, then forget to look at the calender, post its everywhere, then forgot i read them.
    If i need something REALLY IMPORTANT, i write it on my hand! (had to remind self to pick up 2 yr. old grandson, and he said"Mammaw, who colored on you?"
    Then the issue of WORD-FINDING!! really bad, and although my atty stressed this was because of my narc. meds at my ssdi hearing, i developed these sx. long before.
    My only hint to you--Hairspray works great to remove ink from skin! Good luck--L
  9. EllenComstock

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    Unfortunately, brain fog seems to be a common problem for those of us with FMS. I, too, have problems with times for appts., meetings, etc. I also have problems with finding the right word, which can be a little embarrassing at times. My husband and I were late for a funeral service recently. I read the obituary just before we left and I thought the service was at the church, but it was at the funeral home. It's like I just didn't comprehend what I read! I still am good with grammar and spellling, which is good since I am a secretary.

    I find that the busier I am, the worse my memory is. I find I am better when I don't have as much going on in my life. I know-easier said than done, isn't it? I am fortunate that I am able to just work part-time and can take a nap every afternoon. That definitely helps me. I also have a calendar in my kitchen and one in my purse to keep track of appts. I am finally getting better at checking the calendar first thing every morning.

    I also have a place on my kitchen table that I put things that I need to take with me in the morning. It's by the door and this system has worked out pretty good for me. But I have found that if someone tells me something, it's best that I write it down right away. So when your boss told you the earlier time for you to meet, you needed to write this down on your calendar so you have something to refer to. I've learned from experience never to trust my memory.

    I also keep a list on my refrigerator to write down things we are low on for the weekly shopping. I've also written notes and taped them to my car dashboard at times. I hope this helps. I understand the frustration and worry about forgetting things, especially at work.

  10. discoverygal

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    Thanks so much for the encouragement and ideas, especially hair spray ;)

    I have been on Neurontin for 2 weeks and went to the pain doc today to see how it is working. I broke down (which I have never done). He said "stop the neurontin". It may have been contributing to the memory loss and deffinately has been making me emotional.

    He has started me on Cymbalta now, so we will see how that will be in helping with the pain. (I've gone from effexor to neurontin and now cymbalta).

    I'm afraid my memory loss is not only the neurontin. In a post a couple of weeks ago, I read that we have to work our lives around FMS. Instead, I have been trying to deal with FMS in my life. This is an example of adjusting my life around the illness.
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    I go through days of this. Fortunately, just about the time I am ready to declare myself incompetent, the fog drifts off. Yesterday was one of those days. In fact, it was so bad I wrote about it in my journal that night, but couldn't write sensibly and gave up. Today is better.

    It is a real challenge, don't you think, to keep that "it will get better" thought in mind?
  12. AllWXRider

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    Do you know what viruses you have? Tumeric inhibits the growth of Epstein-Barr. Olive Leaf Extract is a broad spectrum anti-viral. Systemic enzymes also are great at attacking viruses: see the posts by "Forbearance" and Virastop. Dr. William Wong N.D. likes Vitalzym.

    Might you have a toxic metal condition? Mercury & Lead weaken the immune system. Both also affect the memory.

    Cadmium stops the conversion of the thyroid hormones T4->T3.

    I got a hair analysis kit from 1to1vitamins and found Lead, Cadmium, Antimony & Arsenic. It costs $60 and would answer that question.

    I'm getting everything chelated out and my fog is slowly lifting!!!
  13. froggyfog

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    Today was the first day I have been out in 3 weeks.

    I took my child to the dentist. We were waiting and my daughter asked me what time it was, I told her it was 4:30....she looked at me then turned around to see the clock and said its 2:30...I looked and said yeah that's what I meant...of course she just grinned at me.

    Then I was trying to tell her something from a phone conversation that I had last night and I couldn't remember squat...well my daughter says "mom why is all of your sentences questions"....mmmh...I guess because I not sure if I am remembering anything correctly.

    Three times my daughter said she wished her cell phone was charged so she could call her friend to tell her what I had said....she even went futher to say she could set the phone down(speaker phone) and her friend could just listen to me talk and she would be laughing her head off....TEENAGERS! LOL.... its either laugh or cry.