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    Hi, just wanted to let you know i saw your return post under my post, "Shake, Disaster"

    I've stuck to it everyday, accept today!!oops
    Not sure yet if it's working yet or not, cause i've been fighting a head cold, and having a bit of a flare.

    I feel some better today, the real test will be the week before my period, which i'm just entering.

    The "purple frog princess" thing came out of bed time night chatter. He has a really Big imagination. The youngest don'tcha know.

    What are you riding? Are you able to get out and ride? It's been really tough for me to go riding, i've been out about 5 times in a year, PATHETIC!!

    I don't miss the dairy milking, but the calves were cute, i helped my mom in high school, we milked about 30 head.
    I don't miss those tails that they have deadly aim with, you can't tell me they don't know what they are doing!!!LOL
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