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    Hi I posted to you under morningsonshine,
    I'll paste it in here, hope you get it!

    Hey, Sorry i didn't answer your post, i meant too!
    I've been dealing with extra pain lately, it's starting to let up some.
    So how is that horse of yours, getting better i hope?
    I'm lucky to have my horses right in my backyard, and a great hubby, and my boys, who feed them most of the time for me. So even tho, lately, i don't do much with them, i can still go out and love on them.

    I've been fairly good about taking the shake, but i'm running out of ingredience for it and my van just broke it's water pump!!
    I think it's helping the brain fuzz some, but i have been in extra pain.
    My kids are 7, 10, and 12, getting close to a teenager, sometimes i can see it emerging. HELP!!LOL
    I too deal with guilt about all the mom stuff i don't get done and all the fun times i miss out on when dad takes them somewhere.
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    No problem about not getting back, I'm sorry you haven't been feeling good; I hope it is letting up some for you.

    Yeah, I see the teenage years coming too - pretty scary! My oldest is beginning to get a little 'furry' and easily embarrassed LOL! He's a good guy though so hopefully we'll cruise through. My only worry is that our high school and middle school are combined and that really stinks. Poor funding, poor district and lousy school. I wish I had the 'umph' to take them out when they reach 7th grade and home school until at least their junior year.

    Kitty is doing well. It took a while but she's back out in her field and a neighbor of ours whose 13 year old daughter just lost her old mare to a twisted gut may use her this summer which would make my husband happy. Our barn and field are not close enough to the house for me to get out and love on her - I know it would do me good and her too if I could.

    My husband has had to replace the water pump on his car once this year and the alternater twice in the last couple months! I think the horses are more reliable lol! Too bad everything costs money though, we need to win the lottery.

    I find I am just doing the shake in bits and pieces; The flax with oatmeal and the whey in the milk, then the apple and nuts as a snack and the molasses whenever I get to the kitchen. My 10 year old fixes me breakfast (the oatmeal mix) and even if I don't get the full benefit of the shake at least it's got to be healthy! I am very lucky to not have much pain even though I'm pretty much bed-bound so haven't noticed any difference there.

    Sorry for writing a book! I have never known when to shut up LOL!