Fogtastic! - what have you fogged up today?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kazah, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. Kazah

    Kazah New Member

    gotta laugh ain't ya?!

    so far today I've:

    -walked into my bed three times
    -tripped over a wire that I saw BEFORE I tripped over it
    -Tried to feed the cat baked beans
    -After making toast put the butter in the cupboard and marmite in the fridge
    - Put the coffee machine without any coffee in it and was very confused when I got a cup of tepid water.
    - put my delicates on a 60c wash
    - taken longer than you could ever imagine typing this (my head thinks more words have j's in them than do.)

    And it's not even lunchtime!!

    what have you fogged - up today?

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  2. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    I think everyone has these moments but for us they happen a bit more often don't they?
    Lets see if I can remember what I didn't do "right" so far today...
    Let the dog in the house..and instead of going to get her a morning cookie...I poured my coffee..even with her right at my feet begging.
    Went out on the deck to see the sunrise...and couldn't figure out why the door wouldn't shut...( the dead bolt was in the way- but that didn't make sense in my head)
    I couldn't figure out how to manage getting up out of the recliner, because my back pillow kept flipping forward and complicating the procedure..LOL

    I am sure there will be more goofy things as the day goes on..seems like there are a few every day!
  3. paulmack

    paulmack New Member

    think I put some deoderant on twice today.I went into the bathroom today & thought "I just put some on about 5 mins ago" but was too tired to know if I did or not.Ah well,I put some on again,twice is better than none i'm sure,LOL
  4. scrappyjrt

    scrappyjrt New Member

    Hm......let me see...........I can't remember!!!
  5. asherahca

    asherahca New Member

    I looked up a number on my laptop and then tried to dial it on my laptop.
    I forgot i put soup in the microwave... i wonder if it's still good..

    And I can't find the remote to save my life.

  6. krchamp

    krchamp New Member

    Well I had a foggy day. My mom has been painting my house for me. I thought she asked for the green paint. So, I picked it up and looked right at the open top but I still tried to shake it. Yep paint went all over my carpet. Well she didn't ask for the paint and she sure didn't ask me to shake it...arghhhhhh. What a day.

    I tried to hang some pictures even though I feel so terrible today. I had a cup that my mom had put the nails in after she took them down while she was painting my living room. I would set the cup down and forget where I set it. My husband got so tired of me asking for my cup that he followed me around with it. He was mad anyway because I wouldn't set down.

    I also closed my furbaby in the closet. I got to looking for her and she was gone. My other dog kept barking and barking. I finally asked her where was her sister. She ran to the closet and sniffed underneath the door. I opened it and there sat Zoey. Just staring at me like she understood that my fog is bad but still irratated because she had been in the closet for about an hour.

  7. whoachief

    whoachief New Member

    I went to pick up dinner at a Mexican Restaurant near our house for carry-out and drove right past it!!! Had to turn around and go back. LOL
  8. ephemera

    ephemera New Member


    Yesterday was a horrid pain day, 8 out of 10, so when I woke up today feeling about 75% better I thought, great, I can get out & do things. (Of course, like all FM/CFIDS sufferers after a bad time I tried to do too much.)

    Well, then I had 8 endless IBS episodes in the space of 4.5 hours. Bummer!

    Tonight when things finally calmed down for me I thought I'd finally write some holiday cards, which if I can mail them out soon people on my list might be able to get before February, which would actually be early as last year's cards weren't answered.

    So, I'm writing to a close friend who moved to Ireland, seeing if she will be able to visit North America in 2007 & perhaps we can arrange to meet somewhere fun, like Quebec?

    Anyhow, I'm writing to see if we can cross paths next summer... & I wrote "passed croths" on the card. I look at it & know somehow the words aren't right, but I can't get there in my head to understand why.

    After sitting at the desk for about 5 minutes & getting nowhere I call out to my partner how do you spell...

    Lucky for me, she instantly knew I'd fogged up again, giving me the words without a cuckle. Every day I'm desperately seeking vocabulary words I once knew, but can't find in my brain.
  9. Kazah

    Kazah New Member

    for all your replies!

    it's a foggy world out there!

    new day new fog and still nothing makes sense. I think I may wrap myself all up the duvet to protect myself. I don't want anymore bruises!

    take care everyone
  10. Jackie65

    Jackie65 New Member

    Hi...this is a foggy one for me too...I got a mug out for my coffee, got a bowl out of the cupboard, got the milk out of the fridge, poured my Cheerios into the mug...and put a dab of milk in the bowl...carried it out to the table and sat down...and instead of wondering why I had dry Cheerios in the mug and milk in the bowl the only thing I thought was..."Oh damn...I forgot my coffee" LOL
  11. achingbytch

    achingbytch New Member

    Thanks for the early a.m. chuckle:)
    It is so great to know I'm not the only ditz storing cat food in the fridge. Have you done the mayo in the bathroom bit yet? But the best laugh was "I have too many words in my head" YES YES YES and the worst part of it is only half make it to the paper or the computer screen. I know I thought them, I heard them internally, I thought my fingers did too and wrote them down and behold, they are not there or even worse, something else has appeared I didnt even ASK FOR OR THINK OF. Need I explain for a person who earns her living writing all day, when the boss gets copy expecting print ready work and finds the truckload (I'd say something else but this is a family site) of mistakes, the response aint pretty. Thank you thank you, this made my day...sad, but true:)
  12. Kazah

    Kazah New Member

    I crawled to the shop for toothpaste and came back with veggie bacon - I'm sure that will give me whiter than white teeth and fresh breath!!

    I also tried to post a mesage and accidentally deleted it twice before managing to press the right button!

    here's to trying to buy toothpaste tomorrow...
  13. Kazah

    Kazah New Member


    good morning!

    It's the afternoon her now in the UK but still feels way too early.

    I see you're from NY - love that place - been there lots of times. Have a walk in the park for me when you can!

    enjoy your cherios/coffee/whatever else ends up in your mug (as long as it's not the cat food)!

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  14. achingbytch

    achingbytch New Member

    I needed to add since the fog didnt remember to note the following, that to counter the fog I have tried a strategy of doing ONE THING AT A TIME. That means if I am doing laundry, strip the bed, then the pillows, then collect from each room, then (are u sleeping yet?)get the soap, put the bags and soap together (I hear u snoring) then count the change, then find my keys (wake up U do the same thing...dont you)then get my clothes out...step by step by step. Leaving the office takes close to an hour, loading up, rechecking I took everything, locked everything. 2 days ago after writing very importatn documents I left office a 8pm, got all the way into the subway, HAD PAID ME FARE and was waitin for the train when the little fog voice said...'where are your documents, ditz?' Ditz began hunting thru briefcase and behold, no documents. Ditz had to climb bback out of subway, walk (thru snow drifts) back to office and get documents and return to subway, pay another fare and get home. So you see, you need a strategy to beat fog, make a list and check it, twice...on everything. THat's actually why I need to be on disability, frankly there's little time for anything as checking that things have been done correctly takes up most of my time. Boss keeps wondering why I can't get it 'right' the first time around.
  15. Jackie65

    Jackie65 New Member

    Ever notice how much a small can of cat food resembles a can of tuna ???? I noticed a little too late once LOL
  16. Jackie65

    Jackie65 New Member

    or ever notice that pointing and pushing the buttons on a cordless phone will NOT change the channel on the tv ?? :)
  17. achingbytch

    achingbytch New Member

    hey jackie
    but I am smarter than ol'foggy, i designated kitty her own food cabinet. problem in our house is i forget i already bought kitty A CASE, not simply a can, A CASE, of food. we currently have 2 (that would be TWO..II) CASES of food for one elderly cat who eats like a bird. That, BTW amounts to approx. 48 cans. Liver pate anyone?
  18. achingbytch

    achingbytch New Member

    jackie...are U in NY?
    Do you think if we both get foggy at the same time we could shut down the City?
  19. Kazah

    Kazah New Member


    Aching - Believe me I have a list - my diary says things like 'go to work'! my list on my hand goes up my arm - the problem is remembering to read them!!

    jackie - ergh on the tuna fish and I did try to answer my remote the other day!!

    and just put flour in my coffee!! (Better move that jar - but then i'll find it in two weeks in the linen closet or somethin!!)

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  20. achingbytch

    achingbytch New Member

    I am NOT a list person. I should be, as anyone with these difficulties would know to write things down. I tried keeping lists but I would lose or have to amend the lists so often they would be out of date and useless. My boss spends ALL her time taking notes and making lists. The VP warned her to stop doing it (can u believe that level of control?) She never stops writing and does it when she should be listening. Then, when it comes time to remembering, she can't and needs to consult her lists or notes....hmmm...I think I uncovered a CLOSET CASE here. Actually I do lists for the market otherwise something doesnt it make it home with me. My cat keeps a looong list it seems...she always disgruntled about something.
    I think of lists like calendars...I hate calendars, especially the ones ordered for us, as a courtesy at work so we can scribble down all the meaningless 2 hr meetings we have to attend or after hours committee meetings I have to attend. Lists, calendars, its just another control tactic to rob us of the Freedom of Fog! Fog, is actually quite liberating and probably why we have it. We've short circuited from overload on what we're supposed to do all the d*mn time. Someone almost always has to stop ihn my office and inquire if I'm 'joining the meeting? " Meeting, what meeting? I'm here to work, not to sit and yak about work, to DO work. FRankly I think people who request meetings all the time have worse fog issues than those of us who hate meetings and just want to get our projects done and go home.
    Procrastination is a clear sign of advanced FOG. I HAVE NO FEAR OF FOG, therefore I do not procrastinate. I rush and my work may be filled with little strange words, bizaare sentences and typos, but I've done it:)
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