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    Hi All,
    Thanks so much for all your responses. I was amazed at how many of you are able to work full time. My CFS fatigue is more disabling than the pain from Fibro and I can be up and around for 2-3 hours and then my energy simply gives out. When I first got sick I was bedridden for 3 years.
    I'm thinking now of doing secretarial work from home. Am exploring possibilities and trying to plant seeds in contacts I have. Its difficult to avoid scams. I also have a 92 year old father I help caretake which really is like a part-time job to say the least. My best to all and I admire how you all hang in there. mariedazz
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    I don't know if I welcomed you to the board or not, well if I did, then a second big welcome to you!

    I sure hope you find some reasonable job to do at home. I have FM, not CFS and I know I could not work out! I also admire those who do. It has got to be a herculean task to say the least.

    You have my admiration for taking care of your Dad! You are the second new person that is caregiver of an older parent that I welcomed today. I hope my daughter is that kind and generous to me if the time ever comes. I am sure the Lord will bless you for you love toward your Dad.

    Again, welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I have FM and possibly CFS and work full time. ONLY BECAUSE I HAVE TO! I am divorced, so I am my only means of support. I barely make it, financially AND physically, working 40 hrs a week.

    I ache so bad in the mornings, I could cry sometimes. It is so hard to get out of bed. I hit the snooze several times every day! My biggest symptoms are fatigue and achiness/stiffness. Once I get showered and dressed, I start to loosen up a little, but by then I've expended my small reserve of energy and need to rest before I go to work but can't because there isn't time. I drag myself through the workday, watching the clock all day, waiting to get out of there. By the time I get off work I'm exhausted, so there's no energy left to do anything around the house. My home is a cluttered mess all the time, I hate it.

    On my days off I do the same as you do, go 2-3 hours then need to rest. Of course I get very little done around the house then, either. I get so disgusted with myself and my circumstances!

    I agree, finding legitimate work at home is hard. A friend of mine started selling items on E-Bay part time, now he does it full time as his only job! You can do okay with ebay provided you can keep motivating yourself....there's no "boss" to direct you on what to do and when to do it. Then there's the trips to the post office to send the items, etc. Well, just a thought.

    I was so sorry to hear you were bedridden for 3 years in the beginning. That is awful! How did you get out of bed? Meds? Supplements?

    Hang in there. Taking care of a parent is hard enough work as it is! I give you credit.

    Let us know how it is going,
    Take care,
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    Did you see the post from "Tammy070498" titled "Work At Home Jobs???". Date of Last Reply is currently 5/6/03. There are some more ideas there. I really like the medical transcriptionist idea!!