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    Just received the new book out "Healing through the power of Neurofeedback". I cannot put this book down as it gives you the entire history of how using light, sound, and now "radio waves" is curing people with many illnesses.

    It specifically addresses the system that's the newest out that I'm undergoing........the LENS (low energy). It's less invasive than a cell phone.

    Extremely well written in great detail. Unfortunately everyone using it is new to it as well. So we're all learning. The exception being the man who invented this in Northern California, and a clinic in New York.

    The prior biofeedback systems are described as well; mostly in connection w/ADD kids. But LENS is bringing in Fibromalgia people, and addressing our symptoms.

    I bought the book on for $12.

    "WAVE" of the future..........our poor ole brains!!


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