Followup to worst Thanksgiving for all those

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    who read my post and kept me in their prayers.
    he swears up and down the episode wasn't planned when I have complete strangers reading the story and feeling just the way I do.
    I was done with the rest of his family as he is but now I am done with the last one. she can go to hell. You know she had thryoid cancer a few years back and survived that , you think it would have changed a person, not her she is still as sneaky and rotten as she always was if not worse.
    He thinks it's life as usual , I loath him and I want him out and I'm looking into legal aid come Monday a.m. It never fails he always pulls some crap over a weekend. Do you believe he actually thought I would vacation with him in December!!!! Those pills ate his brain.
    There is not going to be Christmas in this house, this year!!
    My own mother wants me to see the lawyer Monday. He's done , nothing he can do or say can change my mind this time. With every step I took in that cold rain I swore no man would ever bring that far again. I am not a teenager, I am a 40 something old woman, worked all my life and all of a sudden when I got sick he decided he couldn't deal with it so he developed a drug addiction. Who's mentally ill?
    Joyfully, I would have called a cab if i had my cell, thought it was in my handbag but i was wrong. buses weren't running regular so it really didn't make a difference whether I stood still waiting for the bus or walked.
    I don't know what stopped me from "keying" his car or breaking his windshield that's how furious I was. But of course if I did that I would have been at fault.
    he swore up and down that he drove around for half and hour looking for me. Well there is only four main avenues in our town so he couldn't have looked that hard. His dinner was getting cold.
    And do you believe his witchy sister had the nerve to say terrible things about me after I left. She told my daughter i overract because of my illness. How else was I to react the way they were ripping me apart!!!
    Their lucky I didn't completely loose it and pull the tablecloth off the table!!!
    She doesn't talk with any of her family and when and if her daughter ever gets married she could forget about me being there or doing anything for any of them. i don't care who dies or who marries, I'm done with his family. And if he goes before me that family is so messed up there is no doubt even before this that I will have to have a cop at the wake.
    He is trying to turn my daughter against me now. I am so fed up. This whole weekend was ruined for me because now I'm in so much pain i can't do a thing.
    Thanks girls,

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