Followup w/ purse toting Neurologist yesterday

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    Well...all the test results (and bills, $3,000) are in.

    My appt was at 10:30...Dr. "B" walks in at 12:30!! carrying her purse as usual. No appology for her tardiness.

    All test results are normal, no sign of MS. (thankyou God)
    I do have a torn disk, several bulging disks and Deg. Disks, but she says this is not causing my symptoms.

    Since she assured me she would "figure out what was going on" I asked her what she thought it WAS...I said normal people don't have constant pain, body jerks, cognitive problems, etc....

    "I do not speculate on a diagnosis...I will only diagnose an illness with definative proof shown by test results"

    She offered to send me for a second opinion w/ another neuro or send me to a neuro surgeon but felt it would be a waste of time. Other than that she felt there was nothing else she could do for me. Hmmm where did I hear that before

    AND THEN she says in a very low voice and turning away from me..."I do believe we have a bit of depression going on"

    I had to grab my chair so I didn't get up and slap her. I wanted to ask her what test gave her the evidence of depression, but I bit my tongue....

    I kept trying to think of something to say that would knock her off her thrown, but my mind was blank.

    So, another doc, and bunch more $$$ and no answers.

    At least I've gone thru this enough to laugh it off. The fact that ever her nurse & the other docs staff thought she was a nut case did help. Her nurse said her practice is ver small and shrinking...but she can't quit right now.

    If I could just get my primary to quite sending me to these jerks and treat me herself. That's what I'm putting on the table next visit. If she wo't, I'll find somebody that will.

    I'm not just venting, but hoping my story will let others know they are not the only ones that go thru this.

    Warm fuzzies
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    Sorry you hit another dead-end. I went through that for about 20 years :)

    Have you tried getting a referral to a phySIATRIST (not a psyCHIATRIST)? They specialize in pain management and have been far better for us than neurologists who tend to live on another planet.

    If you can choose, try calling some sports medicine clinics and see if they have a recommendation. Unfortunately some are paid by insurance companies to do IMEs and deny claims, so you want to be sure you get a good one.

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    I've seen way too much of the "I am M.D.; I am God" mentality, and I am so sad you're experiencing it, too. Even the "depression" part, although I am so glad she ruled out MS! So much of the general medical community just doesn't GET it, although I know there are good docs out there. It is a tough road for them these days, too, trying to walk the thin line between providing tightly-regulated/managed care and avoiding malpractice lawsuits. Sometimes, I feel like I am so on the bleeding edge of stuff, between me having an illness that doesn't exist (CFS), and oh yeah, my doc. is convinced I got mercury toxicity from my dental fillings...I had classic signs, which all cleared up after chelation...AND the mercury likely caused autistic symptoms in my daughter. Try getting anyone to believe THAT story! I had a couple local doctors tell me up, down, and sideways that I was seriously depressed, and my daughter just had behavioral issues. I needed Prozac and parenting classes. And oh, when I had severe food poisoning that affected my digestive system for over 6 mo., got me down to 94 lbs. and 4 % body fat, and kicked off the whole what-I-now-know-to-be-CFS fiasco, well, that was just stomach flu!

    I took my daughter to one neurologist when she was 4 m.o., to rule out any sort of seizure disorder 'cause she had such severe colic and other issues. He was the most pompous jerk, and I am glad he didn't find anything so we didn't have to go back. I did later take her to a doctor who was much more helpful.

    Sorry to vent, and I am not trying to bash the medical community by any means. I have good friends who became doctors, and the profession has its good and not-so-good people, just like anything else. But I so know what you are going through, and it is such a bummer. Stick to your instincts, and keep persevering 'til you find a doctor who will listen to you! They are out there! It's wonderful you see through this particular neuro's treatment of you and are brave enough to assert yourself and go elsewhere. That really is half the battle...truly! I wish you the best of luck, and keep thinking positive.

    Hang in there,
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    that so-called doctor was just plain rude, and obviously has her mind on other things than her patients. I am so sorry you got stuck with her!

    Neurologists tend to be rather 'rarified', don't think like the rest of us, so maybe you would be better off with your primary treating you. Good luck with that, hope it works out!

    But, it's good to know the MS diagnosis was negative!

  5. Cromwell

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    I read a library book about neurologists called something like How to Deal with Your Neurologist and the whole book was about them, how it is nigh impossible to get one who is not arrogant and cold. We got one in Seattle for our son who was a dream, sinvce then nada.

    Glad it is not MS.
    Love Anne C
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    I believe I woukld have gone ahead and said it! Even if she had only one "thought" that whole day,you would have been responsible for her having it! Daneen