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  1. kgg

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    How many of us have food allergies along with the FMS/CFS?
    I have been told that my son's insomnia and fatigue are from the allergies. Just wondering how common this is.
  2. karen55

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    can make you SICK. Period. I think it's probably very common. I have never been officially tested for food allergies, although my rheumy has suggested it, but I am now learning that certain things I've eaten all my life have been making me sick, among them: Pasta and bread. I haven't totally eliminated them from my diet, but if I eat them more than 1 or 2 times a week, I have some textbook allergic reactions.
    Sugar is a big one to eliminate from you diet as much as you can. Could be a cause of your son's fatigue.

  3. healing

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    I have been on an elimination/rotation diet for about 6 weeks following an IgG Assay. During that time, my achiness and fatigue have been greatly improved. No flares! Sleeping much better! Lots more energy! I have a few food allergies (most notably, shellfish) but the IgG measures secondary food sensitivities, and I reacted to a bunch of things. Figuring out how to do this diet and then actually doing it has been a challenge, but it has helped me so much. The test is controversial, so you may have some difficulty finding a doctor to do it for you. Hope this helps your son.
  4. pam_d

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    Went to a good FM allergy specialist recently & found out I have severe food allergies & sensitivities. I didn't have classic signs like IBS symptoms, and I never connected my FM symptoms to food allergies, so I was amazed to find this out. I'm donig probiotics & digestive enzymes, among other supplements, & eliminating allergy triggers. I'm not doing the strict rotation diet, I admit just couldn't handle it! It takes an enormous commitment & planning effort---I admire folks who can do this! But I did eliminate all things I test highly positive for & limit sugar, starches, etc.

    Good luck with your son, this whole area of food allergies is very common with FM/CFS, I think. I suffered for years with inhalant/nasal allergies (took--and still take--allergy shots many times in past) but just never associated myself & my symptoms with having food allergies & sensitivities.

    Hope he gets some relief,
  5. Mikie

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    This website sells Jarro-Dophilus which is the finest probiotic I have ever used. Most of our food allergies can be traced to a condition called, Leaky Gut Syndrome. Probiotics will help greatly with this.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Spoonerpaws

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    I definitely have food allergies

    Allergist said I am allergic to everything!
  7. daryle

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    I was diagnosed with fibro in '98 and food allergies have always been a problem for me...but much worse with these problems. Eliminating tomatoes, choc., wheat, nuts do help, but I'm not better. In pain all the time and sometimes so unbearable, I can't stand it. My son is also a Dr. and has tried to far, I do what everyone else does to survive(taking all the vit./etc). I make myself walk, play tennis and watch grandkids even if it hurts.It is not easy to live with this when your family doesn't have a clue.
    Sorry for the long note...I live in Horseshoe Bay, near Austin,TX. Has anyone used the Myers Cocktail and had any improvement? Thanks Daryle
  8. bluebirder

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    Didn't want that to sound like the "me too syndromne" but I did have testing when my children were young and got two shots three times a week! Took all my income and hubby still doesn't get where all my income went.

    Now because of Diverticulitis I can't have any kind of seed or nuts. Add to that the diet sweeteners and monosodium glutamate (msg) causes migraines and asthma flare ups which in turn causes the stress incontenence to make for leakage. Allergies to sanitary protection causes rashes so I have to make for a bathroom immediately and keep a change with me. Embarasing and no fun.

    Then throw in citric allergies, allergies to perfumes and I would be a total mess. Foods I can avoid, pain in the butt sometimes but the inhalants are harder to avoid.
  9. TurtleInaBox

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    just had testing done a couple of months ago... come to find out this veggie eater is allergic to soy! - no wonder i never felt really good eating a meat free diet... all that tofu...grrrrrrrrrrr.

    so i have started eating chicken.... my allergist felt sorry for me - she said, "well honey I had no idea you had this many allergies." - kind of funny... anyway I have worked really hard at watching what I eat... doing this has made a huge difference in the way I feel.. my chronic headaches have been reduced to headaches every other day or so... and my nose, well i can breathe through it for a change.
  10. sofy

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    No allergies. People with allergies can die or have dire effects, like bee stings. I suspect most of dont have true allergies but are like me who suffer if I eat any wheat or dairy. Blow up like a baloon and make enough gas to power a small city. I can eat a cracker with wheat and nothing awful happens to me. A friend of mine who has a nut allergy nearly died several times from a tract amount of nut. I really question if allergy is the correct term. I think sensativity is probably more percise.
  11. kgg

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    Actually, allergy is the right term. When I first started dealing with this, I called it intolerance. But my son tested positive for allergies with the IgE, etc. So, I call it allergy.
    There are atleast 4 types of allergic reactions one can have. Thankfully, his isn't the life threatening kind. Although its a pain, atleast its not fearful.

    Thank you to everyone for responding to my question.