food allergy/sens. symptom?

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    I noticed that egg whites make the back/base of my tongue numb. Is this a food reaction? Well, obviously since it happens after I eat egg whites. My dad, who dabbled a bit in a food allergy clinic in the 80's (he's a retired ob/gyn) thought it was a fluke, but I tested it and it's not. Does anyone know if this is a common reaction for food sensitivies or allergies? I'm just concerned if this is perhaps a precursor to the throat swelling shut reaction people can have due to allergies. (If it is, I'll be even more diligent about avoiding eggs!)

    And a related question: I've noticed my lips can become numb after having a Diet Coke (I attribute it to Nutrasweet since it doesn't happen with regular Coke). Is this a common reaction for food sensitivities? (Actually, I just noticed my lips are numb now and I haven't had a Diet Coke for days.)

    Both these symptoms became noticeable after avoiding the "offending" food for 6-9 months. Before avoiding the food, I didn't notice the symptom.

    Thanks for any insight!!!
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    I don't know the answer to your egg white question. Next time you eat some you might want to take your pulse before eating it and take it again 10 minutes after eating it. If it is more than 10 pts. higher, I would suspect allergy.

    As far as Nutrasweet is concerned, it is pure poison for your brain and everyone should avoid it, esp. folks with Fibro and CFS. I can't think of anything worse to put in your body, though margarine would run a close second.

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    The ironic thing about food allergies is that while you are consuming the offending food, you may not feel real well. But after you have been avoiding it, the reaction is stronger when you consume it again. My son said that he should never have given up corn, but he really was sick a lot. Now if you have an anaphylactic reaction it will take less and less of the substance to produce a stronger reaction. Be careful. Especially when your reaction involves your airway!

    We saw an environmental doc about my son's allergies. He was of the opinion that you needed to abstain from the offending food for 2 solid years before your body wouldn't react to it. And then there was no guarantee. He felt allergy injections would cut the time down to 4 months and then you could only have the offending food on a rotation basis.

    I do know that treating yeast, leaky gut and taking food enzymes and probiotics help minimize the reaction. You can have a reaction to a food within minutes or up to 2 weeks. I would suggest keeping a food diary and also a symptom diary to help pinpoint the offending food. Sounds like you have a good start in identifying a couple already. It's not a fun process but if you can identify and eliminate your food allergies, you will feel better. Read up on rotating your food so you don't keep developing allergies. Corn is in everything and so is wheat, two major offenders. The other ironic thing about food allergies is that you often crave what you are allergic to, so if you want to find the culprits look to your favorite 5 foods. Wishing you the best. -Karen
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    Another indicator I've come across the years is foods disliked when very young then look at those you're eating now. Won't identify them all but it might be worth checking out.

    When my mother learnt which foods were the worst for me she wasn't a bit surprised, it applied to my case too. Dairy, wheat (and other gluten grains) and corn are very common. Some doctors advise people with CFS, who also have ibs, to avoid sugar and yeast. They don't recognise candida as a health problem but have found this helps a lot of their patients. Wonder when the penny will drop!


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    ....told me that the human body actually takes 8 to 10 YEARS to completely produce a whole new set of cells, where you would be pretty assured that you would not be allergic to previous offenders. A long time!! A lot of people try the previously offending foods after a few months & do OK, I guess.....

    I don't have the symptoms you do, Elaine, with foods....I found out that I was allergic to milk, wheat, soy, eggs & other things by thorough allergy testing-----not because I noticed any definite symptoms. In reality, many of my FM symptoms were indicators of my food allergies, but I didn't recognize them as about clueless!!! Now that I have been on my allergy rotation diet for a few months, I'm noticing big improvements in my FM (much more energy probably being the greatest)----didn't happen overnight, it probably took 6-8 weeks.

    I can tell you that in all probability I will NEVER again consume dairy products or anything with wheat/gluten. Those were my most severe allergies, by the test numbers, and the ones I'm the most diligent about avoiding because I feel so much better off them! I may try eggs in the future, but not for a while. I have lost 25 lbs, BTW, on this diet, mainly because I don't consume fattening cheeses, and almost no starchy carbs (I was slightly allergic to potatoes & corn, so I try to avoid them, too). I miss pizza the most!! But I think this diet is worth it for me....

    Hope you get responses on your specific symptoms---you can definitely be tested for eggs, and aspartame in diet coke (I was tested for egg whites, egg yolks, aspartame, and cola, among many, many other things----all things you are noticing problems with).

    Good luck!

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    Thanks to everyone for replying. Guess I'll ask my doc about it (never remember to so I finally wrote it down....).

    I know lots of the "symptoms" of a food sensitivity, but I didn't know it could take effect up to 2 weeks later!

    I did have testing done, and I am allergic to both egg whites and yolks. But after avoiding them for 9 months I didn't seem to react to the yolks. I don't eat eggs at home anymore :-( but if I'm eating someone else's cooking I just take a Benedryl and don't worry about it. (The numb tongue thing does bug me though--don't particularly want to go into anaphylaxis from something that's easily avoided!)

    I try to rotate foods, but am somewhat haphazard about it. I too lost several pounds last year when I was avoiding all egg and milk products. Sometimes handling this DD would be easier if we could eat the comfort foods we were able to before!

    Thanks again!