food/stomach issues really bad

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    over the last yr my MCS (I think that's what is causing this - have not totally ruled out everything else though) has increasingly limited which foods I can eat......finally figured out all the ones that cause vomiting, so I have eliminated those

    now, the very few foods that are left are ALL causing diarrhea.....& the kind where I have almost no far no actual accidents, but this is so NOT fun, and is making it incredibly hard to hang onto my eating disorder recovery, too

    and I think that it is effecting my electrolytes, too, bc I have been passing out a lot lately

    I do have a Dr appt next week, so I am obviously going to bring this up with him, but I am feeling the need to write about it now......a week feels like a long time away & I have so many things to address with him, that even though he does spend a lot of time with me, I am not sure how much we will be able to cover

    not sure what, if anything, anyone can really say, but I am getting pretty upset about this & just needed to write
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    I totally understand how appointment a week away can seem forever when we really need to see the doc. So sorry you are going through all of this. Passing out a lot lately is not good to hear. Keep in mind to seek emergency treatment if you feel the need to do so.

    It's good to know your doc spends a lot time with you with appointments. One of my docs does the same and i appreciate so much. I always write notes to what i need to speak of.

    referring to your other post with the forms needing filled out and signed, all this can really be adding stress for you. I hope all of that gets taken care of at the time of appointment.

    AuntTammie , i sure hope your food/stomach issues ease up for you.
    Thinking of you and sending prayers your way.
    Hugs, Butterflydream
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    thanks for your reply & the prayers

    hugs back to you, too
  4. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    Thanks for your reply, too, and I really hope that you are feeling better from the barium.

    Yes, my MCS is definitely getting worse....kinda feels like I am allergic to the this point I am not sure if I should hope that this stomach stuff is part of the MCS as I suspect, though, or if I should hope they find something else (don't think anything else would be esp good, either, and so far they have not found anything else)

    and thank you so much for the compliments - it is nice to know that you think that stuff : )

    also, it's totally ok that you were "freaking out" while I am so ill - just bc I am doing rotten doesn't mean that what you are dealing with doesn't totally stink, too.....I believe that anyone dealing with these illnesses has to be pretty strong & amazing (inc you!)
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    I'm sorry to hear what you are going through - I think I'm suffering something similar. Right now, through products (as my symptoms are worsened by exposure to other skincare products etc) I can control it but those products will soon run out (stupid companies have reformulated both products I rely on to cleanse/ moisturise etc... When these things run out I'm in trouble if I've not found replacements.... :(
    I need skincare though as I have rosacea and it's really important that my eyes and face are kept scrupulously clean and my face, well's a real problem as I have yet to find stuff..not for want of trying though!)

    Every day before I get ready with my current regime I begin to suffer some MCS symptoms which then reduce when I get ready with my tolerable cleanser and's a bit more complicated than I can write here (exhausted today) but you get the gist... Not sure what it is: I read on Dr Myhill's site once that some people can get relief from MCS when they suffer exposure in small amounts to the offending chemical(s) which is perhaps what's happening to me...

    Until I get ready with the items I can use (but which will run out soon) or if I experiment and have a reaction (which is a problem for me since I seem to react to everything!! other than what I have now... it's a nightmare...I'm terrified of what I will do when I run out of my stuff...)

    Right now, if I don't get ready with my stuff or I use something else I get severe headaches, nausea, sickness, stomach pain, even more disabling pain, sinus pain, aching throat, severe eye pressure, muscle pain and weakness all to the maximum! Basically I wonder, when I feel like that, if I'd be better off not here... :(

    I wanted to ask you, if you don't mind, what you use to clean your eyes, face and to moisturise your face/ any makeup, if any, you can use etc...?? You sound hypersensitive so I would really love to know what you use? :) Since I have rosacea affecting my eyes and face and my face is super dry, I need cleanser for my face and eyes and moisturiser for my face at the very least.... Thanks if you can advise in any way...

    Also, can I ask what foods you're having problems with? Is it the artificial stuff or things like fruit and veg? Right now, if I'm ready with the stuff I have a little of left, I can eat pretty much what I want with no ill effects... Don't get ready though or have an exposure and everything I eat seems to make me feel sick...with heartburn as an added extra to all the other nasty symptoms...

    I'd love to hear from you....and hope and pray you;re feeling a little better...and that your doc's appt. was good...

    I have a doc's appt. next week and I don't even know how to broach things with her / who to ask her to refer me to etc... MCS does not have the same profile/ is not taken as seriously here....I think much less is known about it here so I don't know what to say to my doc and don't hold out much hope for any meaningful advice or help....

    Hope you get a chance to reply. Thanks and God bless. Shelbo :)
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    so sorry that you sometimes feel like you would be better off not here - I know what you mean, but I really hope that you would not actually act on feeling that way

    as to products, I do not use make up at all, & I use Ivory soap to wash my face and is drying, but it's the only soap I have found that doesn't cause a reaction.....then I put Cetaphyl cream on my face and body immediately after my shower and it, too, is the only lotion/cream I have been able to tolerate

    as far as which foods are causing me problems, pretty much all of them except: a few grains, some nuts, a very few veggies (potatoes, s. potatoes, and some of the veggies that are in canned soups - I think I can tolerate those bc they are so processed), a very few fruits, & egg whites.....most of the healthy stuff that I truly love (like fish, fruits & veggies) & foods that are not so healthy but I also love (like ice cream and cheese) are out of the question anymore.....even the foods that I can still eat do not sit well, but at least they don't come back up (& yeah, I know that the foods I am eating are mostly not so great for me, but can't figure out what else to do)

    doc thinks that I am probably rt - it is related to the MCS, but he is sending me to a gastro doc just in case (regular doc has already run some tests of his own to rule out any really obvious other issues)