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  1. AuntTammie

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    just wondering if anyone else has noticed this since they got is a somewhat moot point rt now,bc at this point I can barely eat anythign w/o it coming up anyway, but I have noticed that many of the foods that i used to love taste horrible to me - so bad that I wind up gagging on them
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    Aunt Tammie,I have noticed this also.

    It gets to where I don't care if I eat or not. Something might sound good but then you start eating and it doesn't taste right. I gag alot drinking stuff to where its like my throat closes and I have to spit it out. Heard this is part of this dd plus post polio.

    Do you ever get like a chemical taste in your mouth?

    hope u are doing better.
  3. AuntTammie

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    I have had the chemical taste, too, but usually it's more just that things taste really disgusting

    unfortunately, I NEVER lose my appetite (how I wish I would bc I have been struggling to keep my weight from ballooning ever upwards) - I can be depressed, happy, nervous, exhausted, sick....nauseous even, and still feel hungry - it's crazy, and I have been trying to tell myself lately that it is not worth it to eat most foods bc they will taste different than they are supposed to and/or they will not stay down, and yet I still keep trying to eat anyway - can't get rid of the hunger or the cravings - can deal with (ignore) the cravings, but not so good at ignoring, often if my stomach gets empty enough it feels even worse than it does when I try to eat

    ....another part of this that is insane is that for many yrs I was anorexic and bulimic - I recovered almost 7 yrs ago and now I just cannot handle feeling hungry or throwing up - and ironically the thing that most helped me to recover was the desire to be healthy - I recovered in order to be healthy and look how well that turned out! : P
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    thing a lot. I thought it was my lichen planus in my mouth. It isn't so much that foods taste disugusting it is that they do not taste as they use to. Many foods do not taste good--they taste odd or off. I often have family taste things as I do not think that my tasting abilities are reliable anymore.
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    I have a hard time eating lately. Every day it's what can I eat that won't make me sick. And then I look around the kitchen, and I'm like, well, everything in here is going to make me sick.

    The overprocessed foods no longer taste like food to me. I have a real hard time with it.

    I've kind of gone back to a babyfood diet lately. I get the rice cereal and the fruits that don't have anything in them. I still have regular soups and chicken, too. But I have been buying alot less of the processed food and trying to eat more wholesome when possible.
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    just looked up lichen planus....sounds rotten - sorry you have that on top of everything else
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    I actually bought baby food the last time I went to the grocery store, and it seems to work a little better but even some of it doesn't stay down.....and it is expensive to eat enough to be at all full.....I know someone will likely suggest making my own - would be good if I could, but the way I have been crashing it is NOT going to happen

    is the reason you are having problems bc of the mucus situation? I really hope that you feel better soon as far as that goes (I mean I hope that you feel better in general, but I know that with all that you have to deal with that is not real likely and it gets annoying when people say something that suggests otherwise, if you know what I mean....not really awake yet, so I am not sure if I am making much sense)
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    Here is a website on losing your sense of taste and related disorders. I am not sure if this is the same as what you are describing. They call it "taste impairment"

    I have a friend who had a serious closed head injury, is now fine, however the last thing to come back was his sense of taste. My stepmother had the same thing and it turned out to be viral.

    Take care.

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  9. AuntTammie

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    thanks for the website.... a couple of the things mentioned do apply to me (and are also related to CFS), but oddly though I have had head injuries, and have had a sore throat, swollen glands, etc for a long time, they have never caused this taste problem until the last few months....and there are not really any solutions.....still it's good to know that it is not likely another entirely new, separate from CFS issue