Foods that are GOOD for the liver

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    I was reading a reseach paper from 2 years ago that stated in order of prefernce, foods that seemed to actually cleanse the liver. In order of potency, I think it was Advocado, Watermelon and Artichockes. Also for herbs, of course Milk Thistle and some berry I think began with an S. I forget, of course.

    I think I will be having a lot of Watermelon this summer and Guamcomole! ANd BTW artichokes are my all time fav! What good luck these foods are proven to be good for the organs!
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    Thanks for the info! I already have been taking the milk thistle for a few months, and while I'm on a strict diet for my food allergies, avocado, watermelon and artichokes are ALL things I can eat.

    I think guacomole is the one of the best foods ever invented (tho I have to have mine with taro chips---allergic to corn....)!

    I love artichokes, too!

  3. Mikie

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    You can juice raw beets in a juicer and drink with other juices. It gives the guice an earthy flavor which I didn't find too bad.

    I no longer juice because of the hi carbs in most juice, but I know some people here do.

    Love, Mikie
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    Those are my three favorites. I always eat the artichokes, even when they are $2.00 for one. I just steam them and eat them with olive oil with a little salt in it. I used to stuff them, but too much work for me now. There is a big watermelon sitting on my counter, and two advocados in the fridge right now.

    Your 'berry with an S', is it Strawberries? they are cheap here, as we grow the best of them in the world in Ponchatoula, La. :)

    As for herbs the very best liver cleanser is Essiac Tea, four herbs that are just wonderful.

    Thanks for the post, at least I am doing something right!

    Shalom, Shirl

  5. sb439

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    I've been having an avocado a day for several months now, as I read (on this board actually) that it was good for something I needed, but forgot (o memory!) what it was. The liver, of course! Thanks.

    As to watermelon, there was a warning in a post recently not to eat watermelon or any melon in public places where they lie around cut in pieces (hotel breakfast, delicatessesn, etc.), as they harbour fungi (I believe, or was it parasites, o h***) quite quickly.

    How long do you steem the artichokes, Shirl?
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    That was my post about the melons and alfalfa sprouts - they harbour salmonella and E.coli - never eat them from a commercial salad bar or if they have not been kept chilled while sitting on a buffet.

    Good time to remind everyone with summmer eating on our minds.

  7. PaulMark

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    dear ac 77 thanks for the info, i crave avocados but infornt. on lastet ALLCAT IGG Test was 2+ reaction food which is next to severe, and most fruit i crave and eat makes my tongue throat fire ants bronchial and sandpaper worse, top symptom of 5 yrs. probably yeast

    but i can eat artichokes WHAT is bTW artichokes the fresh ones here in hick area west ky. are usuall brown and you can only chew the heart

    are the hearts in jar with salt and citric acid safe???

    i've read citric acid feeds yeast, it's a fungi

    please let me know thanks Paul mark i KY