Foot and ankle pain

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  1. PAlady

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    Just wondering if the pain that i have in my foot and ankle is from my fibro, or the dr who says its from my flat feet ( problems with the tendons) Does any one have problems with there feet and ankles? What about PT, don't know if thats going to help or make it worse. Dr does say that fibro plays a part, Thanks
  2. TheAurynn

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    I have had a lot of problems with my feet and ankles also. I do not have flat feet, though, so I'm not sure what kind of problems that could cause. My ankles swell every so often for no reason and hurt like they are sprained, and sometimes it just feels like they are swollen when they are not. No doc has every found anything wrong besides the fibro, and I have heard that a lot of people with fibro have swelling or feelings of swelling.

    Sounds like fibro, but you could always get a second opinion from another doc to be sure.

    Hope that helps some,
  3. msthang

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    i have had foot problems all my life. they have recntly arches were always flat and now they have fallen and my ankles are too. u should definetly see a podiatrist and/or orthapedic surgeon. take care of it as soon as u can. best wishes. many hugs and be blessed
  4. EllenComstock

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    Especially in my toes and lately my ankles have been aching a lot. I just thought it was another place that hurt because of the FMS. I have also had swelling in my feet for years, especially the left foot.

  5. UPK5

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    I have flat feet. I have been having problems with my ankles and feet for many years. Sometimes they swell up badly. Sometimes I just cannot stand on my feet for too long. Even when I had lost weight, I still had problems. I have had such severe ankle pain, that I had cortisone shots in the ankles to reduce the severe pain.
    I have also developed bunions. I had gone to an orthopedist and he said, he would not recommend removing the bunions, because of my flat feet they would only grow back.
    So, I suffer and live with the pain, daily. It is very difficult to get shoes to fit, too.
    I never even thought about my foot pain being related to my fibro.
  6. meljen

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    Hi PALady,
    I have awful pain in my ankles somedays. There doesn't seem to be a particular trigger - just generally overdoing it I guess. This little extra symptom appeared about two years ago, eight years after original onset of my fibro. It comes and goes (though never completely, I'm sorry to say) so yes, I'm sure it's just one more to add to the list of bits that hurt. My foot spa is sheer heaven and if I could afford it I'd visit a reflexologist two or three times a week. Ah, that would be good. Cheers, Mel
  7. CanBrit

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    I spoke with my rheumy last week and he said that most of the problem is structural due to having flat feet. My pain was just below the ankle and ran down the side a bit. The muscle was also swelling into the leg.

    He suggested buying some new balance running shoes. I know that some of my shoes aren't the best to wear.

  8. hehmommy

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    I too have terrible pain in my feet and ankles. I don't have flat feet and in fact have higher arches. The other day it was so bad I thought maybe I broke my ankle. I couldn't hardly move it or walk on it. It finally went away. I don't know what that was. I get most of my pain there and in my hands and fingers. UGH!! It is no fun!!

    Trish :)
  9. fifthofanickel

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    I have foot/ankle pain also & was diagnosed w/Plantar Fascitis..That's when the Achilles tendon which runs from the bottom of your foot up the back of your calf, becomes very stiff, thus the foot/ankle pain..I went to PT & learned the stretching exercises for the foot & calf area, got orthotics & New Balance walking shoes..For the most part it's better....Rheumy says it's part of the Fibro Horror....

    Buuttt, still causes pain after being on my feet alot, even resting them on the floor causes pressure to the bottoms. I do stretching of those tendons b4 gettting out of bed, or I wouldn't be able

    Having a massage therapist work on your feet is worth it..They are so much more flexible after a treatment. I ask her to do them after she works on my neck & shoulders. Lasts for a few days anyway..

    Good luck on finding a "help" for you...
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  10. joisey

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    yes, I have foot and ankle prob w/ plantar fasciitis, arthritis. I have a high arch. I use orthodicts and foot inserts from Foot Locker or Walmart w/small arch & padded heel. I looked for the best walking shoe I could find w/gel support built into them. I found Asics were the best and Saucony next. They're expensive but worth it.($99) I stretch before I get out of bed and do ankle rotations. All this finally helped the plantar fasciitis. Some of the other pain just goes along w/fms. hope this helps, j
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